Ian Bell © Getty Images (File Photo)
Ian Bell © Getty Images (File Photo)

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 (Can India register their first points in the tri-series or will England hunt India down once again? Catch the Live cricket scores of the 3rd ODI between India and England here)

England have beaten India by nine wickets in the third One-Day International (ODI) at the Gabba, Brisbane. England have now registered their first victory in the tri-series. Meanwhile, India continue to search for the maiden international victory on this tour. India had won the toss and chosen to bat first. However, Steven Finn and James Anderson wrecked havoc has they were bowled out for 153. Ambati Rayudu and Ajinkya Rahane had a fifty-run stand for the second wicket, but then Finn struck. Stuart Binny and MS Dhoni also put up a fighting stand but once Dhoni was out, India folded. Finn completed his first five wicket haul in ODIs. In reply, England were led by the in form Ian Bell. They got off to a very good start and despite losing the early wicket of Moeen Ali, they were never troubled during the run-chase. Bell and James Taylor made batting very easy and they were playing very well during the run-chase. having achieved the target in under 40 overs, England have won the bonus point. This victory puts their campaign on course and India are still waiting for that elusive victory on this tour. Click here to read the match report.

Shami is back and Taylor gets a single first ball. Bell follows that with a single. England continue to knock it around. And the winning run is achieved. Taylor swept it and that is it. England have won by eight wickets. A comprehensive victory for England. They were unstoppable today.




Akshar is back into the attack and Taylir has completed fifty. Important innings for him as well. This would give him a lot of confidence. Akshar then bowls a wide.


Ian Bell takes a couple and then follows it up with a single. Taylor pulls a short ball for a single and moves to 49 with that. England now inches away from victory.


Suresh Raina comes in to bowl. Ian Bell gets a single off the first ball. Taylor then works it over for a single through the leg-side. Bell then gets a quick single. Bell then cuts one behind point and gets three. India saved the extra run as Yadav dived in the deep to stop the boundary.


Shami continues and bowls short. Taylor pulls for a single. Shami then bowls short to Bell and it is a wide. Bell drives it for three through cover. Taylor then takes a single.


Akshar continues. Bell opens the face of the bat and guides it down to third-man for a four. That was very well played by Bell. That is the 100-run stand.


Bell continues as he drives on the rise and gets three for that. It is all too easy for them now. Taylor pulls a short ball, but it falls just short of the square-leg fielder.


Bell smashes it down the ground for a couple.He then hits it for a four through mid-wicket. And then he cuts one behind point for a four. He has played very well today.


Taylor drives through the off-side and gets a four. Umesh Yadav pitched it up and Taylor played it for four quite easily. England’s 100 is up as Taylor takes a single.


Bell gets his fifty. An important innings for him after failing in the first game. This innings has kept England on course and the job is not done yet. England are making it look very easy though. Like the last shot. Bell punches it down the ground and they get three for that.


Akshar continues. While he is keeping it tight, there is not much he can do here. England can work it around easily and continue to pile the runs.


Umesh Yadav is into the attack. Off the second ball, Bell works it for a single to third-man. Taylor pulls a short ball in the air but gets a single. Bell ends the over with a single.


Akshar continues and England play him cautiously. Only a single possible this over. Taylor was hit on the pads, but it was going down the leg-side.


Binny continues. A few singles taken in this over. Bell had played a good shot down the ground, but it was fielded well at mid-off. He then strays on the pads and Taylor sweeps him fine for a four.


Akshar Patel is into the attack. A single is taken off the first ball. Bell sweeps the third ball for a single.


England are knocking it around and pick the odd boundaries to be on course to victory.


Ian Bell faces Stuart Binny. He gets width later in the over and is cut through the off-side for a four. Bell then takes a single. Only five runs have come off this over.


Bhuvneshwar is back into the attack and off the second ball, he is pulled for a couple by Taylor over mid-wicket. He did not get all of it, but enough to clear the boundary. England’s fifty is up and Taylor gets two more through the off-side. Taylor then gets two more through the off-side. Runs are being scored quite easily.


Stuart Binny starts things of after the break. Bell drives the third ball after the break through cover for a four. He continues to bat with authority. Bell dabs one towards third-man and gets two as there is an overthrow.



Bell drives the first ball back but Yadav has stopped that in his run-up. Later in the over, Yadav bowls it on his pads, and he flicks it over square-leg for a four. Bell then works it around for three, Taylor iss off the mark as he drives it through long-off for three. It is now the break. India and England head back. Join us in about 30 minutes from now.


Binny continues and Bell gets a single early in the over. James Taylor has to play the over and he gets behind deliveries solidly.


Bhuvneshwar Kumar is out and Umesh Yadav replaces him. The first ball goes past Bell’s outside edge. And then Bell gets a couple through the leg-side. Bell gets three more runs in the over.


Bell has driven Binny down the ground and it has gone for a four. he then tries to go over the top over cover and gets a couple with that. He then smashes it through the off-side and gets three. This has been a good start from England. Moeen tries to go over the top and skies it. Mid-off takes the catch. Virat Kohli the catcher.
OUT! M Ali 8 (12)


Bell takes on Bhuvneshwar and he has driven through the off-side for a four. Width on offer and put away. Bhuvneshwar is struggling with his line here as he is also straying on the pads. The last ball is short and Moeen has dispatched it over mid-wicket for a four.



England’s innings begins soon as India did not play the full 50 overs. Ian Bell takes a single first ball and it is a no-ball. Stuart Binny is opening the bowling Moeen makes room and tries to cut him over point and gets two off the free-hit. No more damage from the rest of the over.





Binny is gone! He tries to charge to Anderson and lofts it high. Morgan takes the catch running back. And Shami is gone! He charges to Anderson and gives it everything over mid-wicket and Moeen Ali will take the catch in the deep. The way he hit it, it looked as if it was going all the way.
OUT! S Binny 44 (55), M Shami 1 (7)


Binny smashes a six! That has come out of nowhere. He charges to Steven Finn and dispatches a length ball over mid-on for a six. He makes room again, but misses. And then he upper cuts, which goes down to third-man on the bounce. India’s 150 is up. Shami gets off the mark by working one to third-man. Finn bowls it short and Binny tries to pull. However, he misses it down the leg-side. The Englishmen appeal, but it is turned down. It is a wide. Binny tries to pull again and it seems to have taken something. Buttler takes it. However, it is given not out. Replays show it hit Binny on the helmet.


Anderson gets another wicket! He has been castled by Anderson. India in deeper trouble. They have lost three wickets in the last eight balls and that has dented them severely. Mohammed Shami is the new batsman. He plays out the over.
OUT! B Kumar 5 (5)




MS Dhoni is gone. Steven Finn is the man! He bowls a slow short ball and Dhoni gloves it through to the wicketkeeper. Buttler has effected five dismissals now. Akshar Patel is in and Finn bowls him first ball. Two ducks in a row for the left-hander. Finn came from round the wicket to effect the dismissal. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the next man and he leaves the hat-trick ball. Bhuvneshwar is off the mark with three through the off-side. And Finn has a no-ball to show! Finn has knocked down the stumps. This has happened after such a long time!
OUT! MS Dhoni 34 (61) A Patel 0 (1)


Dropped! Dhoni plays one back to Anderson, who is back into the attack. Anderson throws his left-hand out into his follow-through and does not hold on. How costly will that prove to be? India get a single off the last ball.


Finn continues. he has been the pick of the bowlers. Dhoni tries to drive off the next ball, but misses. He gets a single off the fourth ball through the leg-side. The batting powerplay is in force.


Moeen has been dispatched for a six! Binny dances down the ground and smashes it for a six straight. The ball turned a little, but Binny was to the pitch of the ball. He then does the sensible thing by defending the next ball. This has been an excellent performance by Binny so far. He has shown good temperament.


Binny makes room off the first ball to Woakes and tries to cut, and misses. Jos Buttler throws the ball in the air thinking there is an edge, but no one else went up. Binny takes a single to follow. Dhoni then pulls for a couple and then plays through mid-wicket for another couple. This has been a crucial partnership for India.


The fifty of the partnership is up as Binny dances down and lofts Moeen for a couple through long-on. India get five runs off this over. A partnership is growing here.


Woakes continues with Dhoni on strike. He plays out four dots before taking a single off the fifth ball. Binny retains strike with a single.


Moeen continues and Dhoni plays back the first two deliveries. He gets a single off the third ball. Binny tries to cut but it is too close and he ends up playing to point for no run. He gets a single by charging down and playing it to long-on.


Dhoni gets a single off the first ball as Woakes gets back into the attack. Binny dances down the track and plays it over mid-off for a four. What a shot considering the situation. He edges the next ball and there is no first slip. It has gone for a four. Good ball by Woakes, but that chance has gone begging. India are past their hundred now. Woakes then pitches it short and Binny pulls it fine for a four. This over is releasing the pressure a touch. Woakes pitches it short and it is a wide.


Moeen continues. Binny is solid and biding his time in the middle. He gets a single off the fifth ball of the over. Dhoni ends the over with another single.


Both batsmen are only working it around for singles. That is what they can do in such situations. Both have to be cautious about the situation now and play sensibly.


Broad will continue and Dhoni tries to drive the first ball. He misses. There are a few oohs and aahs from the wicketkeeper and slip. Dhoni is more cautious thereafter. He gets a three by pushing through the of-side.. later in the over. Binny then drives well through long-on for a couple.


Moeen continues. India get a couple of runs to start with as both batsmen get singles. The over is done with a single.


Dhoni gets a single off the first ball as Broad continues. Binny gets right behind all the deliveries and plays them down. It is imperative that these batsmen get their eye in and then go on to push the total. Dhoni has to play the main role, but what an opportunity this is for Binny. Many have criticised his selection and here is his chance to silence the Doubting Thomasses!


Binny gets a single off the second ball by charging to the pitch and playing it down to long-on. Dhoni rocks back and plays one to long-on for another single. They get a total of four runs off this over.


Dhoni gets his first boundary. He drives through the off-side off Finn and gets a four. That was well played. Earlier in the over, Binny had given him strike with a single. He keeps strike with a single off the last ball.


Moeen continues as Stuart Binny walks out. What an opportunity this is for him. Dhoni gets a single. Binny plays out a few dots as England bring in the leg-slip. He gets off the mark with a streaky shot past that leg-slip.


Finn continues and Rayudu plays out a few dots. MS Dhoni had taken a single off the first ball. Rayudu is gone! He has tried to play a Kohli-like shot and has been taken by the wicketkeeper.
OUT! A Rayudu 23 (53)


Moeen in, Raina out! Raina charges to Moeen off the third ball and plays a nothing shot. He has been stumped. India in trouble as skipper MS Dhoni walks out. MS Dhoni gets off the mark off the last ball of the over as he plays to the leg-side.
OUT! S Raina 1 (3)


Finn continues. Kohli is on strike. He gets behind the line of the deliveries well and plays them down solidly. And he is gone! He tries to cut one too close to the body and he has edged it to the wicketkeeper. Deja vu, Brisbane Test! At least, it is not Anderson some would say! Suresh Raina gets off the mark first ball.
OUT! V Kohli 4 (8)


Rayudu was down for a while. the physio had come out and Rayudu’s foot was being checked. Drinks were called as a result. Kohli takes strike for the first time and gets a single through the leg-side. Rayudu then opens the face of the bat and works it to third-man for a single. Finn bowls it short and wide, and Kohli plays it over point and gets a couple. He ends the over with a single.


Oh Rahane! What have you done! He was looking so good and assured in the middle but with Finn into the attack, it was almost as if destiny had his wicket named for the Englishman. Rahane tries to go over the top and gets a top-edge and is caught by James Taylor at mid-on. After working hard for 33, this is a waste. He could have gone on to make it count.
OUT! A Rahane 33 (40)


Steven Finn is into the attack. Anderson has been taken off after a long spell. Rahane works the second ball to fine leg for a single. Rayudu follows suit. Rayudu later charges down the track and smashes it through cover for a four. India bring up their fifty. The 50-run stand is also up.


Broad continues and they get a few runs off the over. Rayudu walks across and pulls for a couple over square-leg. England have the deep square-leg in place.


Anderson continues and Rayudu plays it down to third man, just a bit away from third-slip to get a single. Rayudu then walks across and dabs it to the leg-side for a couple. The Indian batsmen get two more. They get four off the over.


First six of the match! Broad pitches it a little short and Rahane pulls it on the rise over mid-wicket for a six. That was a very good shot. He looked in total control of his shot on this occasion. Rahane then edges one and it goes through the slip and gully for a four to third-man. That was edgy.


Stuart Broad gets into the attack replacing Woakes. Rahane goes over mid-off first ball and gets a couple. Later in the over, he inside edges and gets a couple to fine-leg. Rahane drives uppishly through mid-off again and gets a couple as the fielder is more square.


Anderson continues and Rahane defends the first ball very well. He tries to run one down to third man but plays it down to second slip on the bounce. Rahane then plays through the off-side for a single. Rayudu then pulls a short ball and that is a four over square-leg. This will make India feel a lot better.


India are going slow in testing conditions. Both batsmen are biding their time and trying to get their eye in before they can start pushing the initiative. Chris Woakes is bowling in the right channels along with Anderson. The solitary run coming off this over.


Rahane gets a leg-bye off the first ball. Anderson then bowls one short and it is called a wide.


Rahane gets off the mark with a beautiful on-drive. That has gone for two down the ground. That should make him feel a lot better. The sun is just about creeping out. Rahane plays through the rest of the over quite solidly. He completes the over with a quick single.


Shikhar Dhawan has been dismissed. He plays at one outside the off-stump to James Anderson and has been caught behind. A similar dismissal for Dhawan. He has a lot of thinking to do here. He walks back as England celebrate. Ambati Rayudu walks in at No. 3. Not Virat Kohli! Remember, Kohli had been troubled by Anderson. Has he been shielded here?
OUT! S Dhawan 1 (5)


Chris Woakes starts off from the other end and earns a few dots to Dhawan. The Indian opened gets off the mark by playing one through the leg-side and gets a single. That is only run to come off this over.


James Anderson has the ball as Ajinkya Rahane takes strike. Rahane plays the first one outside the off-stump. Maintaining those tight channels, Anderson earns a maiden. Rahane is as solid as ever. Good start for England. Welcome back James Anderson!

Big news: Rohit Sharma is out with a hamstring niggle. Ambati Rayudu comes in his place. Stuart Binny replaces Ravichandran Ashwin. England have one change with James Anderson coming back for Chris Jordan.


India: MS Dhoni (c&wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Ambati Rayudu, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Stuart Binny, Suresh Raina, Akshar Patel, Mohammed Shami, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Umesh Yadav.

England: Eoin Morgan (c), Moeen Ali, Ian Bell, Joe Root, James Taylor, Jos Buttler (wk), Ravi Bopara, Chris Woakes, James Anderson, Stuart Broad, Steven Finn.


Toss: India win toss; elect to bat.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the second One-Day International (ODI) between India and Australia at Brisbane. I am Nishad Pai Vaidya, and I will be bringing you all the live updates from the what is expected to be an exciting contest. READ: What India and England need to to win

India is facing England in the third  of the ongoing tri-series in Australia. The match is going to take place at the iconic Gabba ground at Brisbane. It is going to be an important match in the context of the series, as both India and England are yet to win a game in this tri-series. Though the weather forecast for this game is not very good. According to weather reports, there is 80 percent possibility of thunderstorm at Brisbane on Tuesday. READ: India’s batting should be wary against England’s pace attack

In the points table India are currently in the second position because of a close game against Australia on Sunday. England on the other hand lost their first game against Australia and also conceded a bonus point to them, which damaged their net run rate. So its high time for the English team. If the match gets cancelled, it will hurt England more than India. READ: Preview of the match here

Meanwhile England’s premier fast bowler, James Anderson is likely to be fit for this game. His experience and skills hand be handy for England in the cloudy and wet conditions of Brisbane. Indian batsmen should look to play safely against the pair of Anderson and Stuart Broad. If Anderson is fit, than he will most probably replace Steven Finn.

For India, the worries are not so much. They had a good outing at Melbourne and MS Dhoni will look to keep the same team for this game. The only change which might happen is Stuart Binny in place of Akshar Patel because of the seam friendly conditions of Gabba. But a strong case in favour of Binny is required for Dhoni to drop a spinner against a side like England.


India: MS Dhoni (c&wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu,  Ravindra Jadeja, Akshar Patel, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Umesh Yadav, Ishant Sharma, Stuart Binny, Dhawal Kulkarni, Mohit Sharma.

England: Eoin Morgan (c), Moeen Ali, James Anderson, Gary Ballance, Ian Bell, Ravi Bopara, Stuart Broad, Jos Buttler (wk), Steven Finn, Alex Hales, Chris Jordan, Joe Root, James Taylor, James Tredwell, Chris Woakes

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