A career-best 137 from Shikhar Dhawan took India to 307/7 © Getty Images

Catch live cricket scorecard of India (IND) vs South Africa (SA) ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 match here

(India (IND) take on South Africa (SA)  in their ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Pool B Match No. 13. Catch live cricket scores of the match here)

FINAL SCORE: South Africa 177 | Overs 40.2 | lose by 130 runs | India vs South Africa, ICC World Cup 2015 Match Report

India vs South Africa, ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: 5 most memorable moments from today’s match

MS Dhoni congratulated both his batsmen and bowlers. He also said that the toss was not very difficult, since both seamers and spinners bowled well under lights. When asked about what satisfied him most today, he mentioned the two run outs effected by Mohit Sharma and Umesh Yadav. He appreciated the gradual improvement and the amount of effort put in by the fast bowlers.

AB de Villiers said the run outs cost them dearly. While he lauded Shikhar Dhawan and Ajinkya Rahane, he says that his bowlers gave away about 30 runs too much. When asked about whether the wicket has changed nature midway, he denied, saying that it was mostly ordinary batting. He also rued the loss of Vernon Philander.

South Africa were rank favourites going into today’s match, and struck early with Rohit Sharma’s wicket. Shikhar Dhawan (137) and Ajinkya Rahane (79) then help India reach 307/7, which was probably about 20 runs below par. However, South Africa never got a partnership going, and the only time they looked like putting up a fight was at 108/2 when Faf du Plessis and AB de Villiers were going together. They lost their last eight wickets for 69 runs and lost comprehensively, Mohammed Shami and Ravichandran Ashwin being the star bowlers.

Hashim Amla 22(28) Quinton de Kock 7(15) Faf du Plessis 55(71) AB de Villiers 30(38) David Miller 22(23) JP Duminy 6(15) Wayne Parnell 17*(28) Vernon Philander 0(2) Dale Steyn 1(7) Morne Morkel 2(5) Imran Tahir 8(10)

Umesh Yadav 6-0-34-0 Mohammed Shami 8-1-30-2 Mohit Sharma 7-0-31-2 Ravindra Jadeja 8.2-0-37-1 Ravichandran Ashwin 10-0-41-3 Suresh Raina 1-0-3-0

Shikhar Dhawan, obviously, is the Man of the Match

OUT! Imran Tahir LBW b Ravindra Jadeja 8(10)! That was as plumb as it gets, Jadeja was so sure that even the appeal was half-hearted, it is all over! India register their first World Cup win against South Africa in four attempts!

WIDE. Down the leg-side. ONE. Parnell drives to long-off.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 175/9 | Overs 40 | need 133 from 10

BATTING: Wayne Parnell 16(27), Imran Tahir 8(9)

DOT. Blocks, no run. ONE. Lofts past cover, they run. DOT. Copybook defence from Tahir. DOT. Tahir looks uncomfortable, but clings on. DOT. Nice loop from Ashwin, Tahir defends. FOUR! Tahir goes for a cover drive, the ball takes outside edge and runs to the third-man fence!

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 170/9 | Overs 39 | need 138 from 11

BATTING: Wayne Parnell 15(25), Imran Tahir 4(5)

THREE. Tahir drives through cover, well run. FOUR! Parnell pulls with panache, delightful shot! DOT. Steep bouncer, Parnell cannot make contact. ONE. Parnell pulls, a single, there. DOT. Tahir plays to point. DOT. Bouncer, Tahir ducks.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 162/9 | Overs 38 | need 146 from 12

BATTING: Wayne Parnell 10(22), Imran Tahir 1(2)

DOT. Tahir looks cautious out there. ONE. Tahir gives strike back to Parnell. DOT. Parnell plays to extra-cover. DOT. Flies off the pad, was there an edge? Does not matter. Read Dale Steyn’s dismissal report. Read Morne Morkel’s dismissal report.

 OUT! Morne Morkel b Ravichandran Ashwin 2(5)! Morkel tried a desperate heave, Ashwin hits timber, India just a wicket away!

DOT. Morkel blocks.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 161/8 | Overs 37 | need 147 from 13

BATTING: Wayne Parnell 10(20), Morne Morkel 2(3)

DOT. Steep bouncer, even for Morne Morkel! ONE. Tucks away to deep fine-leg, Parnell back on strike. ONE. Plays to deep fine-leg, takes a hand off the handle. ONE. Morkel flicks to keep strike.

OUT! Dale Steyn c Shikhar Dhawan b Mohammed Shami 1(7)! A nothing-ball really, Steyn tried to punch off the back-foot, Dhawan takes an easy catch at cover-point!

ONE. Parnell plays through square-leg.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 157/7 | Overs 36 | need 151 from 14

BATTING: Wayne Parnell 8(18), Dale Steyn 1(6)

DOT. Parnell plays back to Ashwin. DOT. Ashwin hits pad. DOT. Ball hits pad and loops to Raina at first slip. ONE. Parnell pushes to mid-on and runs. DOT. Steyn places forward-defensive. DOT. Steyn hit on the pad. Vernon Philander’s dismissal report here.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 156/7 | Overs 35 | need 152 from 15

BATTING: Wayne Parnell 7(14), Dale Steyn 1(4)

ONE. Parnell flicks Raina to mid-wicket. DOT. Steyn plays back to Raina. DOT. Steyn plays back again. ONE. Steyn flicks past square-leg. ONE. Parnell on-drives, they run. DOT. Steyn can only play it back to Raina.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 153/7 | Overs 34 | need 155 from 16

BATTING: Wayne Parnell 5(12)

Vernon Philander LBW b Ravichandran Ashwin 0(2)! The ball hit the knee-roll, Ashwin and the rest of the team went up in unison, Philander reviewed immediately, and it would have hit the bail!

DOT. Philander, injured, comes out in an emergency and plays it back to Ashwin. David Miller’s dismissal report here.

David Miller run out (Umesh Yadav/MS Dhoni) 22(23)! Umesh’s throw came in like a rocket (or should I say tracer bullet?), and Dhoni whipped the bails off in a flash. The third umpire was summoned, and the bat was on the line!

DOT. HUGE appeal, but Kettleborough turns down, correct decision, would have missed leg. DOT. Plays to mid-wicket. ONE. Plays to mid-on.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 151/5 | Overs 33 | need 157 from 17

BATTING: David Miller 21(22) Wayne Parnell 4(9)

DOT. Nice length from Shami, Parnell cramps for space, can only defend. TWO. A close call for run out, third umpire had to be summoned. DOT. Shami bowls a bouncer, Parnell lets go. DOT. Parnell is cramped again, can only push to mid-on. DOT. Tries to pull and misses. ONE. Tries again, connects this time, but only a single to Parnell. It is drinks.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 148/5 | Overs 32 | need 160 from 18

BATTING: David Miller 21(22) Wayne Parnell 1(3)

DOT. Parnell comes out and blocks. DOT. Plays to point, no run, the pressure is mounting on South Africa. ONE. Parnell flicks Ashwin to get off the mark. Reminder: Philander will bat only if requiredJP Duminy’s dismissal report.

OUT! JP Duminy c Suresh Raina b Ravichandran Ashwin 6(15)! Duminy, perhaps out of frustration, tries a reverse-sweep; it takes the glove and loops to Raina at first slip.

DOT. Ashwin hits Duminy on the pad, no run. DOT. Ashwin plays to point, they hesitate and do not run.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 147/4 | Overs 31 | need 161 from 19

BATTING: David Miller 21(22) JP Duminy 6(12)

ONE. Duminy plays to mid-wicket. ONE. Plays to sweeper-cover. DOT. Plays to mid-off, this is getting tough for the Proteans. DOT. Mohit is getting nippy pace, Duminy is cramped for pace. TWO. Mohit cramps Duminy for space, but he still steers it past slip, Shami cleans it up to save a brace. ONE. Steers again, this time Raina dives at slip to stop a second.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 142/4 | Overs 30 | need 166 from 20

BATTING: David Miller 20(21) JP Duminy 2(7)

FOUR! Miller sweeps Ashwin violently behind square-leg. ONE. Ashwin gets some turn, Miller plays to cover-point. ONE. Duminy opens his account with a flick. ONE. Miller pushes to long-off. ONE. Pushes and runs, thinks of a second, declines, wise decision. DOT. Hits the pad, stifled appeal turned down.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 134/4 | Overs 29 | need 174 from 21

BATTING: David Miller 14(17) JP Duminy 0(5)

DOT. Nice bounce from Mohit, he is keeping the pressure on. DOT. Bowls outside off, Duminy drives to cover. DOT. Immaculate line and length, JPD blocks, they need some runs here. WIDE. Mohit bounces, Duminy ducks, it is too high. DOT. Duminy plays back to  Mohit. DOT. Plays to mid-on, just the wide off that over, and a wicket. Read report of Faf du Plessis’ wicket.

Faf du Plessis c Shikhar Dhawan b Mohit Sharma 55(71)! The bowling change works! Du Plessis tries to clear mid-off, but Mohit was on target — and only finds Dhawan!

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 133/3 | Overs 28 | need 175 from 22

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 55(70) David Miller 14(17)

ONE. Plays to long-off. FOUR! Miller sweeps Jadeja violently, a flying Mohit cannot do anything. ONE. Plays quietly. TWO. Plays inside out to extra-cover. ONE. Plays to extra-cover again. ONE. Plays to square-leg. DOT. Plays to backward-point. ONE. Plays to backward-point, again. DOT. Well-bowled. ONE. Plays to long-on. DOT. Miller plays defensively. DOT. Plays to mid-on, this is good bowling from Ashwin.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 121/3 | Overs 26 | need 187 from 24

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 50(65) David Miller 7(10)

DOT. Miller plays to cover. ONE. Miller plays to cover. DOT. The ball loops up off du Plessis’ pad, Dhoni catches and appeals, there was no contact. ONE. Plays to deep square-leg. THREE. Sweeps hard, brilliant fielding from Umesh to save a run. ONE. Faf brings up his fifty in style with a stroke behind fine-leg.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 115/3 | Overs 25 | need 193 from 25

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 48(62) David Miller 3(7)

DOT. Du Plessis steps out and pushes to mid-on. ONE. Du Plessis drives to cover. ONE. Plays to mid-on, single. DOT. Miller plays to short mid-wicket. DOT. Almost an encore of the previous delivery. ONE. Miller plays to square-leg, they run, the pressure is building on now.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 113/3 | Overs 24 | need 195 from 26

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 47(59) David Miller 2(4)

ONE. Du Plessis drives Ashwin to long-on. DOT. Plays to short mid-wicket. ONE. Miller sweeps it behind square-leg, that was in the air. ONE. Faf plays behind square-leg. ONE. Miller inside-edges. ONE. Plays to short fine-leg, Miller calls and sets off, he is safe.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 108/3 | Overs 23 | need 200 from 27

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 44(56) David Miller 0(1)

DOT. Miller steps out and plays it back to Jadeja. Click to read AB de Villiers’ wicket report.

AB de Villiers run out (Mohit Sharma/MS Dhoni) 30 (38)! Never run a misfield! Mohit fumbled at sweeper-cover, they ran, but the throw was accurate, and Dhoni, immaculate.

DOT. Driven straight back to Jadeja. DOT. Plays to mid-off. DOT. Plays to mid-off again. DOT. Once again de Villiers plays it back to Jadeja, lovely bowling.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 107/2 | Overs 22 | need 201 from 28

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 44(56) AB de Villiers 29(33)

TWO. Faf whips it off his hips past mid-wicket. DOT. Faf blocks and sets off, de Villiers sends him back. DOT. Faf plays to cover-point. FOUR! Short and wide, du Plessis easily clears infield off the back-foot, poor ball. DOT. Plays to third man, once again sent back by AB. FOUR! Short again, tries to cut, edges, and the ball rushes past a helpless Dhoni.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 97/2 | Overs 21 | need 211 from 29

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 34(50) AB de Villiers 29(33)

DOT. Tries to make room, but Umesh follows Faf, good bowling. ONE. Cramped for room, but he manages a single. TWO. Frantic running by the classmates after a leg-glance. DOT. Plays to point. ONE. Plays to sweeper cover. ONE. Plays to deep third-man, five off the over. Read South Africa’s 20-over report here.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 92/2 | Overs 20 | need 216 from 30

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 32(47) AB de Villiers 26(30)

ONE. De Villiers plays to long-off, easy run. DOT. Plays to point. DOT. Plays back to Jadeja. ONE. De Villiers shuffles and plays to long-on. ONE. Plays to sweeper cover. FOUR! AB sits on one knee and sweeps from outside off, deep mid-wicket has no chance!

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 84/2 | Overs 19 | need 224 from 31

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 30(45) AB de Villiers 20(26)

DOT. Nice length, plays to mid-on, no run. DOT. De Villiers plays back to Umesh. DOT. Plays to cover, once again no run. ONE. Plays down to third-man, Faf is back on strike. DOT. Plays to square-leg, they do not run. FOUR! Du Plessis gives the charge, tries to pull, the ball takes top-edge and flies above Dhoni!

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 79/2 | Overs 18 | need 229 from 32

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 26(43) AB de Villiers 19(23)

DOT. De Villiers plays back to Jadeja. ONE. Plays to the cover fence. TWO. Plays to long-off. DOT. Plays quietly to mid-wicket. ONE. The ball hurries on to him, he doesn’t middle it, still gets a single to fine-leg. ONE. Easy run to sweeper cover.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 74/2 | Overs 17 | need 234 from 33

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 23(40) AB de Villiers 17(19)

TWO. De Villiers places Umesh behind square-leg, easy runs. ONE. Once again behind square-leg. FOUR! Faf steps out, stands suddenly, meets the ball on the rise and thumps past the bowler for four. DOT. Du Plessis blocks. DOT. Du Plessis cramped for space, nice bowling from Umesh. FOUR! The short ball takes  the edge, and flies above an unmoved Dhoni to the fence!

Vernon Philander, who was injured earlier today and could bowl only four overs, is in a serious condition, and will bat only if needed.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 63/2 | Overs 16 | need 245 from 34

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 15(36) AB de Villiers 14(17)

DOT. Du Plessis blocks. DOT. Blocks again. ONE. Plays to long-on and they run. ONE. De Villiers gives the strike back with a single to sweeper-cover. DOT. Du Plessis blocks. DOT. Blocks again, and it is drinks at Melborune.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 61/2 | Overs 15 | need 247 from 35

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 14(31) AB de Villiers 13(16)

DOT. Faf plays calmly to point. ONE. Faf shuffles across and places it to mid-wicket. DOT. De Villiers plays to short mid-wicket. DOT. Excellent line from Mohit, he is somehow clocking 140 consistently, AB can only play it to mid-off. FOUR! You cannot bowl short to de Villiers, the thumping pull races past mid-wicket! FOUR! De Villiers steps out and creams Mohit through wide mid-off! READ South Africa’s 50-run report here.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 52/2 | Overs 14 | need 256 from 36

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 13(29) AB de Villiers 5(12)

DOT. HUGE appeal for LBW, but that had struck du Plessis outside off. DOT. Faf blocks cautiously. ONE. Single to long-off to bring up fifty for South Africa. ONE. AB gives the strike back with another single to long-off. DOT. Faf attempts a paddle-sweep and is beaten. ONE. Faf plays to long-off.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 49/2 | Overs 13 | need 259 from 37

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 11(24) AB de Villiers 4(11)

DOT. Pulls to short mid-wicket. DOT. An encore, harder, wider, but Raina is on the prowl. ONE. Inside-edge, then manage a single as the ball goes behind square-leg. ONE. Faf plays behind square-leg. DOT. AB was almost deceived by the lack of pace, took his right hand off the last moment, ball reached Rahane at cover-point on the bounce. DOT. Driven firmly, but mid-on is sharp out there.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 47/2 | Overs 12 | need 261 from 38

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 10(23) AB de Villiers 3(6)

ONE. Faf places Jadeja past point. DOT. Plays to cover-point. DOT. Playes to backward point. ONE. AB drives past cover, easy run as the fielder picks up. DOT. Places to sweeper-cover. ONE. Targets the same zone, another run.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 43/2 | Overs 11 | need 265 from 39

BATTING: Faf du Plessis 8(21) AB de Villiers 1(2)

ONE. Faf flicks behind square-leg. ONE. De Villiers is off with a single to third man. ONE. Faf takes another single, again to third man. DOT. Plays to leg, AB is cautious. Read Hashim Amla’s wicket report here.

OUT! Hashim Amla c Mohammed Shami b Mohit Sharma 22(28)! Amla tries to clear the humongous MCG but can only find deep fine-leg, very well-judged by Shami on the fence!

WIDE. Bouncer outside off, sharp call. ONE. Mohit bounces Faf, he hooks, doesn’t time well. Read South Africa’s 10-over report here.

How is Mohit Sharma clocking 142? Our man Nishad Pai Vaidya says he is running (steaming?) in from outside the 30-yard circle.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 38/1 | Overs 10 | need 270 from 40

BATTING: Hashim Amla 22(27) Faf du Plessis 5(18)

ONE. Faf pushes to covers and runs. DOT. Amla plays to point. DOT. Shami bounces, Amla ducks. WIDE. Outside leg, Amla had shuffled, marginal call. TWO. Amla plays to wide mid-off, Kohli misfields, they run two. FOUR! Shami tries another bouncer, this time Amla hooks! DOT. Plays to cover-point.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 30/1 | Overs 9 | need 278 from 41

BATTING: Hashim Amla 16(22) Faf du Plessis 4(17)

DOT. Cramped for space, can only play to mid-off. TWO. Flicks easily, well-placed. DOT. Once again Amla is cramped for space, nice bowling by Mohit. DOT. Nice channel, Amla plays to point, the pressure is mounting now. DOT. Amla pushes it to cover-point, this is good bowling. DOT, and DRAMA! Outstanding fielding from Rahane at cover-point, he misses the direct hit, the back-up fielder Raina catches it, he misses it too!

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 28/1 | Overs 8 | need 280 from 42

BATTING: Hashim Amla 14(16) Faf du Plessis 4(17)

ONE. Faf plays to square-leg and runs. DOT. Amla plays to mid-on. DOT. Amla plays uppishly, falls short of square-leg. ONE. Amla plays to mid-off and they steal a run. DOT. Faf goes back and defends. DOT. Faf steps out for a hoick and misses, good over. READ: Report of first five overs of South Africa’s innings.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 26/1 | Overs 7 | need 282 from 43

BATTING: Hashim Amla 13(13) Faf du Plessis 3(14)

DOT. Mohit starts with a straight ball, no run. DOT. Mohit is on target again. DOT. Faf is trying to cut loose, but Mohit is accurate. Mohit throws it back, hits Faf, and apologises. ONE. Short outside off, Faf shuffles across and pulls to deep mid-wicket. TWO. I thought Amla was cramped for space, he tucks it to mid-wicket and run an easy two. FOUR! Amla edges, and the ball races between Dhoni and the second slip. Thank goodness Ian Chappell is not on air.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 19/1 | Overs 6 | need 289 from 44

BATTING: Hashim Amla 7(11) Faf du Plessis 2(10)

ONE. Goes to fine-leg off Amla’s glove. DOT. Plays to short cover. DOT. Plays to cover-point. DOT. Faf places to the left of mid-off, and they set off immediately. DOT. Amla plays to square-leg. DOT. Bang on target, Amla is cautious.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 17/1 | Overs 5 | need 291 from 45

BATTING: Hashim Amla 6(8) Faf du Plessis 1(7)

THREE. Umesh strays, Amla plays to deep square-leg, nice stop by Shami. DOT. Outside off, Faf does not chase. DOT. Plays quietly to leg. ONE. Faf off the mark with a steer to deep third-man. ONE. Amla plays to square-leg and they steal a run. DOT. No run, again.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 12/1 | Overs 4 | need 296 from 46

BATTING: Hashim Amla 2(6) Faf du Plessis 0(3)

DOT. Du Plessis lets that one go. DOT. Plays it to backward-point, but India’s fielders seem to be on fire. DOT. Plays to mid-on, Shami bowls a wicket-maiden, the pressure is back on South Africa.

OUT! Quinton de Kock c Virat Kohli b Mohammed Shami 7(15)! Tame, impatient shot, it was on the cards, de Kock plays it to Kohli at wide mid-off!

Dot. Outside off, well bowled. DOT. Plays to point.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 12/0 | Overs 3 | need 296 from 47

BATTING: Hashim Amla 2(6) Quinton de Kock 7(12)

DOT. Lovely shot from de Kock, but Rohit is electric at point. DOT. Plays to cover. DOT. Plays to mid-off, accurate bowling. TWO. De Kock drives past extra-cover, nicely placed. LEG-BYE. The ball hits de Kock on the hip and runs to third man. DOT. Fast bouncer, too quick for Amla.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 9/0 | Overs 2 | need 298 from 48

BATTING: Hashim Amla 2(5) Quinton de Kock 4(7)

DOT. Amla plays Shami to mid-off. DOT. Shami strays, but Amla finds square-leg. WIDE. Outrageously high bouncer outside off. DOT. Plays to cover. ONE. Amla steers to deep third-man. DOT. Bang on target, de Kock blocks it. ONE. Inside-edge to square-leg, good stuff from Shami.

LIVE SCORE: South Africa 6/0 | Overs 1 | need 301 from 49

BATTING: Hashim Amla 1(1) Quinton de Kock 4(5)

ONE. Amla is off the mark with a tuck off his hips, Umesh is the bowler. FOUR! Umesh bounces, de Kock pulls, the ball takes the top edge and flies way, way above Dhoni, two bounces into the ropes! DOT. Plays defensively. WIDE. QdK slashes and misses, too wide. DOT. Plays to cover-point. DOT. Plays to wide mid-off. DOT. Plays to cover-point, good comeback.

LIVE SCORE: India 307/7 | Overs 50

BATTING: Rohit Sharma 0(6) Shikhar Dhawan 137(146) Virat Kohli 46(60) Ajinkya Rahane 79(60) Suresh Raina 6(5) MS Dhoni 18(11) Ravindra Jadeja 2(4) Ravichandran Ashwin 5*(5) Mohammed Shami 4*(5)

BOWLING: Dale Steyn 10-1-55-1 Vernon Philander 4-1-19-0 JP Duminy 7-0-39-0 Morne Morkel 10-0-59-2 Imran Tahir 10-0-48-1 Wayne Parnell 9-0-85-1

One may feel that India could have scored about 20 more runs after that Dhawan-Rahane stand. They added a mere 46 from 38 balls after Dhawan’s dismissal. Despite all that, Dhawan (137 in 146, 16×4, 2×6) and Rahane (79 in 60, 7×4, 3×6) beautifully. Steyn showed his class with a beautiful last spell, while Tahir, with 1/48 from 10 overs, did a commendable job. READ: India’s innings report against South Africa.

LIVE SCORE: India 307/7 | Overs 50

BATTING: Ravichandran Ashwin 5(5), Mohammed Shami 4(5)

DOT. Ashwin tries to hit Steyn out of Melbourne city but misses. ONE. Beautiful bowling, Ashwin can only push to wide mid-on, back to Shami. FOUR! Shami! Lofts nonchalantly past square-leg, such ease! DOT. A blind hoick but no contact. DOT. Steyn is too quick for Shami. DOT. Beaten again, outstanding last over from Steyn. READ: Report of MS Dhoni’s wicket.

LIVE SCORE: India 302/7 | Overs 49

BATTING: Ravichandran Ashwin 4(3), Mohammed Shami 0(1)

OUT! MS Dhoni c Quinton de Kock b Morne Morkel 18(11)! Morne bounces, Dhoni tries to hook, but can only top-edge to QdK’s gauntlets!

ONE. Ashwin uppercuts and runs, but more importantly, gives the strike back to MSD. ONE. Dhoni can only extract a single from short mid-wicket. DOT. Ashwin moves back and tries to heave, Morne follows him, good bowling. THREE. Lofts over mid-wicket, they run maniacally as Tahir pulls it back, Dhoni is back on  strike, 300 for India.

LIVE SCORE: India 297/6 | Overs 48

BATTING: MS Dhoni 17(9), Ravichandran Ashwin 0(0)

FOUR! Dhoni pulls, too quick for anyone! FOUR! Dhoni hits straiiiiiiiiiight down the ground! FOUR! Dhoni pulls Parnell brutally, he is cutting loose here! WIDE. Bounces, but it’s too high. DOT. Tries a pull, the ball somehow reaches mid-off, Dhoni turns down the single. READ: Jadeja’s dismissal report here.

OUT! Ravindra Jadeja run out (AB de Villiers) 2(4)! Jadeja ran, but was no match for AB’s precision, no doubt there.

LIVE SCORE: India 284/5 | Overs 47

BATTING: MS Dhoni 5(5), Ravindra Jadeja 2(2)

DOT. Plays to extra-cover. TWO. Dhoni thumps to extra-cover, excellent running. ONE. Pushes to mid-wicket, nice googly there. ONE. Plays to long-off. ONE. Plays to square-leg. ONE. Plays to deep mid-wicket. READ: Shikhar Dhawan’s wicket description here. Suresh Raina’s wicket description hereAjinkya Rahane’s wicket description here.

LIVE SCORE: India 278/5 | Overs 46

BATTING: MS Dhoni 1(1)

OUT! Ajinkya Rahane LBW b Dale Steyn 79(60)! Rahane went for a cross-batted heave, missed completely, it was plumb.

ONE. Dhoni tonks it to deep extra-cover, back to Ajinkya. DOT. Steyn rushes through Rahane, QdK does well to cut-off the Chinese cut. DOT. Very fast outside off, Rahane beaten again, Steyn is pulling things back. DOT. Slow yorker, Steyn is bowling beautifully here. SIX! Mid-off was up, and Rahane gives it his all to clear the ropes!

LIVE SCORE: India 271/4 | Overs 45

BATTING: Ajinkya Rahane 73(55), MS Dhoni 0(0)

OUT! Suresh Raina c Rilee Rossouw b Morne Morkel 6(5)! Raina tried to pull Morkel, but only found Rossouw at deep square-leg!

ONE. Plays to third-man. DOT. Beaten outside off, they have a slip for Raina. TWO. Dropped! Raina pulls hard, du Plessis drops at deep mid-wicket! DOT. Plays to cover as the sunshine is back at MCG. OUT! Raina pulls again, but this time it is straight to Rossouw, Morkel strikes! TWO. Rahane flicks behind square-leg, they run two.

LIVE SCORE: India 266/3 | Overs 44

BATTING: Ajinkya Rahane 70(53), Suresh Raina 4(1)

ONE. Rahane places and runs. FOUR! Raina is off, cracking cut behind backward-point, the fielder can only be a spectator, tremendous power!

OUT! Shikhar Dhawan c Hashim Amla b Wayne Parnell 137(146)! Dhawan tried to hook Parnell, but managed to top-edge, and Amla at long-leg caught it comfortably! Brilliant innings!

TWO. Pulls to deep mid-wicket, Rossouw flings himself to save two runs. WIDE. Too high. NO-BALL and TWO. Cracks to deep extra-cover, JP dives to cut it off, and that will be a free hit. ONE. Lovely yorker, manages only a single to mid-wicket. DOT. Full-toss, plays to mid-on. READ: Dhawan and Rahane’s 100-run partnership report by Ayush Gupta.

LIVE SCORE: India 254/2 | Overs 43

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 137(144), Ajinkya Rahane 64(49)

ONE. Tries to drive, not timed well, gets a single to long-off. SIX! Rahane steps out, clears long-off comfortably! DOT. Plays to short extra-cover. DOT. Well timed, but Rossouw intercepts at extra-cover. WIDE. Down leg. DOT. Tosses up, Rahane can only play it to short mid-wicket, excellent bowling. ONE. Almost yorks himself, excellent over barring that six.

LIVE SCORE: India 245/2 | Overs 42

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 136(143), Ajinkya Rahane 57(44)

DOT. Rahane is beaten by late movement. DOT. Pulls, but cannot place. SIX! Goes big, pulls hard, it hits the ropes! DOT. Blocks off the back-foot, soft hands, easy run. DOT. Drives hard, but to mid-off. ONE. Mistimes, plays to mid-on, still gets a run. READ: Ajinkya Rahane’s 50-run report by Ayush Gupta.

LIVE SCORE: India 237/2 | Overs 41

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 135(141), Ajinkya Rahane 50(40)

TWO. Dhawan flicks to square-leg, easy runs. SIX! Dhawan simply shuffles across and launches it into the crowd over deep fine-leg! DOT. Beaten outside off, nice comeback from Morkel. DOT. Goes for an almighty heave, beaten. ONE. Plays with soft hands and runs, 100-run partnership. ONE. Rahane leg-glances to bring up his fifty!

LIVE SCORE: India 227/2 | Overs 40

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 126(136), Ajinkya Rahane 49(39)

DOT. Attempts a strange shot outside off, cramped. SIX! LOFTS STEYN OVER LONG-ON TO CLEAR THE ROPES TO REGISTER HIS HIGHEST SCORE! FOUR! Uppercut, plays very, very fine! ONE. Plays to deep mid-wicket. ONE. Rahane plays to third-man, gives Dhawan the strike back. ONE. Tries to play across the line, edges to deep third-man, retains strike.

LIVE SCORE: India 214/2 | Overs 39

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 114(131), Ajinkya Rahane 48(38)

DOT. Rahane tries to steer, misses. DOT. Steep bounce, vintage Morkel! FOUR! WHAT WAS THAT? Rahane comes forward and thumps Big Morne over his head, outrageous! DOT. Nice comeback, good length, Rahane can only fend it. FOUR! That one really sped through extra-cover! DOT. Edges, Amla is at slip, but he has used soft hands.

LIVE SCORE: India 206/2 | Overs 38

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 114(131), Ajinkya Rahane 40(32)

DOT. Steyn! A screamer that could have taken Dhawan’s nose! ONE. Dhawan drops the ball close and they run fast for a single, Steyn to Rahane now. DOT. Good ball, plays to mid-wicket. DOT. Rahane is beaten outside off. ONE. Leg-glance, easy single, that. DOT. Dhawan moves outside leg, but Steyn follows him with a semi-yorker, two runs off the over, lovely bowling. READ: Dhawan-Rahane’s 50-run stand report by Ayush Gupta.

LIVE SCORE: India 204/2 | Overs 37

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 113(128), Ajinkya Rahane 39(29)

ONE. Dhawan reverse-sweeps off Tahir, Amla cuts off the boundary. ONE. Rahane plays with soft hands and runs. FOUR! Slightly short, Dhawan gives it a humpty over fine-leg! ONE. Drives to long-off, India’s 200 comes up. ONE. Plays with soft hands and runs, back to Dhawan. ONE. Plays to wide mid-wicket, easy single.

LIVE SCORE: India 195/2 | Overs 36

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 106(124), Ajinkya Rahane 37(27)

ONE. Rahane plays Duminy to square-leg. TWO. Plays behind square-leg. ONE. Plays to long-on. DOT. Hits hard to point. FOUR! Rahane thumps flat-batted over cover, rank long-hop from Duminy, they had brought the cover in and pushed mid-off back before the ball! FOUR! Rahane paddle-sweeps for four more!

LIVE SCORE: India 183/2 | Overs 35

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 103(122), Ajinkya Rahane 28(23)

DOT. Plays to mid-off. FOUR! Rahane slashes past third-man, he is turning the heat on! DOT. Blocks off back-foot, no run. TWO. Plays to fine-leg, easy runs. ONE. Plays to deep third-man, Dhawan back on strike, he is 99. FOUR! Dhawan cuts to bring up his 7th ODI hundred, OUTSTANDING INNINGS! READ: Shikhar Dhawan’s 100 report by Nishad Pai Vaidya!

LIVE SCORE: India 172/2 | Overs 34

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 99(121), Ajinkya Rahane 21(18)

ONE. Drops the ball towards fine-leg and runs, reaches 99. DOT. Pushes it to square-leg. ONE. Plays to square-leg. DOT. Blocks and tries to run, Rahane sends him back. DOT. Tries to run frantically, nerves showing. ONE. Steps out and plays to wide mid-off, Dhawan stays on 99.

LIVE SCORE: India 170/2 | Overs 33

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 98(117), Ajinkya Rahane 20(16)

WIDE. Down leg. TWO. Dhawan plays off his hips, needs three more. LEG-BYE. The ground cheers for Dhawan, but it is off the pads. ONE. Rahane plays to sweeper-cover, Dhawan back on strike. ONE. Dhawan flicks to deep square-leg, MCG cheers. FOUR! Brutal pull from Rahane, Parnell bowls short, there was a square-leg, but Rahane plays to his left, brilliant placement. FOUR! There was a slip, Rahane still went for it, the ball rushes between QdK and the slip!

It is drinks at Melbourne. Nishad Pai Vaidya, our man at the ground, says that the floodlights have come on. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: POINTS TABLE ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Complete Coverage ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: SCHEDULE & MATCH DETAILS

LIVE SCORE: India 156/2 | Overs 32

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 95(114), Ajinkya Rahane 11(13)

ONE. Dhawan plays to third man and runs. DOT. Chases a short one outside off, misses, Morkel is getting some bounce. ONE. Rahane is cramped for room, plays to third man, but they run a single. DOT. On leg-stump, Dhawan beaten. DOT. Tucked away to leg, no run. ONE. Semi-edge to third man, and that is drinks. READ: India’s 150-run report by Ayush Gupta.

LIVE SCORE: India 153/2 | Overs 31

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 93(110), Ajinkya Rahane 10(11)

ONE. Plays to sweeper cover. TWO. Rahane pulls, but Big Morne flings himsel to stop a definite boundary. TWO. Drives past extra-cover, this time it’s Philander diving, these big men are good, 150 comes up for India! DOT. Rahane is beaten outside off. DOT. Rahane is beaten again, QdK whips the bails off, the orange lights come on. TWO. Predetermined? Rahane reverse-sweeps from outside leg-stump, they still run two.

LIVE SCORE: India 146/2 | Overs 30

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 92(109), Ajinkya Rahane 4(6)

ONE. Drives straight, they run. ONE. Plays to sweeper-cover. ONE. Plays to long-off. ONE. Rahane plays to third-man. ONE. Dhawan plays uppishly, Morkel dives at third-man. DOT. Rahane blocks.

LIVE SCORE: India 141/2 | Overs 29

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 89(106), Ajinkya Rahane 2(3)

DOT. Dhawan off-drives Morkel. DOT. Plays back to the bowler. ONE. Flicks past square-leg. DOT. Plays to point. DOT. Plays to deep third-man, South Africa has a slip now, while AB is off the field. ONE. Dhawan pushes to leg and runs.

LIVE SCORE: India 138/2 | Overs 28

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 87(102), Ajinkya Rahane 1(1)

ONE. Rahane plays past extra-cover. DOT. Dhawan plays to cover. DOT. Plays to short-cover. DOT. Tosses up, Dhawan blocks. ONE. Plays to long-off. READ: Virat Kohli’s dismissal report by Ayush Gupta.

LIVE SCORE: India 136/2 | Overs 27.1

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 86(98)

OUT! Tahir bowls a rank long-hop, Kohli tries to pull, but can only find du Plessis at mid-wicket!

Virat Kohli c Faf du Plessis b Imran Tahir 46(59)!

FOUR! Kohli comes to party, on-drives Steyn. DOT. Another on-drive, hits Dhawan this time. DOT. Bouncer, Kohli has no problem in letting it go. TWO. Pulls to deep fine-leg, Tahir dives to cut it off. TWO. Kohli plays to sweeper-cover, Big Phil misfields, Steyn is certainly not happy. ONE. Kohli pulls, that was going for four but Amla dived at mid-wicket to intercept, brilliant stuff.

LIVE SCORE: India 127/1 | Overs 26

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 86(98), Virat Kohli 37(53)

DOT. Plays to extra-cover. FOUR! Steers delicately, lovely shot! DOT. Steps out, edges, but reaches third-man on the bounce. DOT. Off-drives, no chance of a run. DOT. Sweeps, struck on pad, but de Kock is quick enough to prevent an overthrow. DOT. Plays to cover.

LIVE SCORE: India 123/1 | Overs 25

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 82(92), Virat Kohli 37(53)

DOT. Plays to cover off Steyn. TWO. Dhawan plays to cover again, they dive to save the run out, and get up immediately to take advantage of the overthrow. DEAD BALL. Steyn pulls out. FOUR! Dhawan hooks Steyn, may not have middled it, goes to the fine-leg fence! ONE. Hooks again, this time to deep fine-leg. ONE. Kohli blocks, the throw hits the stumps, they run another overthrow, Steyn looks furious. ONE. Dhawan plays to sweeper-cover. CLICK: Dhawan and Kohli’s 100-run partnership report by Ayush Gupta.

LIVE SCORE: India 114/1 | Overs 24

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 74(87), Virat Kohli 36(52)

FOUR! Uppercut over de Kock, very clean! FOUR! Oooooh, that was middled, and how! The ball screamed past Parnell! ONE. Plays to deep third man. DOT. Outside off, Kohli reaches out is beaten. DOT. Bounces, Kohli attempts to hook, could hat have been a wide? TWO. Kohli drives beautifully through cover, I think cover managed to touch it with his fingertips, saves a four.

LIVE SCORE: India 103/1 | Overs 23

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 65(84), Virat Kohli 34(49)

ONE. Steps out and they run a single. DOT. Duminy sent down a dart, Dhawan is beaten. FOUR! Pulls Duminy neatly, easy four. ONE. Driven to long-off. ONE. Dhawan plays to long-on to bring up hundred for India. WIDE. Massive wide from Duminy, went outside the pitch. ONE. Plays to mid-on.

LIVE SCORE: India 94/1 | Overs 22

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 59(80), Virat Kohli 32(47)

DOT. Outside off, Dhawan lets it go. ONE. Terrible cricket all round, wide ball, needless shot. ONE. Kohli plays to deep third-man. ONE. Pushes past mid-wicket, and that is a no-ball, which means a FREE HIT with Kohli on strike. TWO. Kohli hooks, finds deep mid-wicket, he catches it neatly, this is really a big ground. DOT. Plays to mid-on. ONE. Kohli leg-glances, that one went swiftly.

LIVE SCORE: India 87/1 | Overs 21

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 57(77), Virat Kohli 28(43)

DOT. Kohli plays Duminy to square-leg. DOT. Kohli plays to mid-wicket. ONE. Kohli hits back to Duminy, JP attempts a run out, Dhawan was out of the crease, but they run the overthrow. ONE. Kohli flicks to deep square-leg, easy single. ONE. Dhawan reverse-sweeps and they take an easy single.

LIVE SCORE: India 83/1 | Overs 20

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 55(75), Virat Kohli 26(39)

ONE. DROPPED by Amla at backward-point, he caught it but it popped out of his hand, is this going to be Dhawan’s day? DOT. Plays to point. DOT. Plays to short extra-cover. ONE. Semi-edged past de Kock. ONE. Steers to deep third-man. ONE. Sharp running, just drops the ball and they scamper.

LIVE SCORE: India 79/1 | Overs 19

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 53(73), Virat Kohli 25(35)

DOT. Plays to third man. ONE. Flicks to deep mid-wicket. DOT. Plays to backward-point, well-fielded. ONE. Flicks to mid-wicket. ONE. Hits past cover. DOT. Flicks, no run.

Read Ayush Gupta’s report on Shikhar Dhawan’s fifty here.

LIVE SCORE: India 77/1 | Overs 18

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 52(70), Virat Kohli 24(32)

DOT. Dhawan attempts an unnecessary drive off Parnell‘s first ball and misses. WIDE. Outside off, that is the first extra of the match, after 103 balls. ONE. Steers to deep third-man, that one really, really sped along the ground. ONE. Kohli flicks to square-leg and strolls across. DOT. Dhawan plays to cover. DOT. Short-pitched, that one really climbed! FOUR! Dazzling square-cut, 13TH FIFTY FOR DHAWAN FROM 70 BALLS!

LIVE SCORE: India 70/1 | Overs 17

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 47(65), Virat Kohli 23(31)

ONE. Dhawan plays to long-on and they stroll for a run. DOT. Typical Kohli, plays to cover where a bird called de Villiers flies, stops it, and throws back to the bowler in one motion. DOT. Blocks. ONE. Punches to sweeper cover, easy run. DOT. The ball bounces off the pads, QdK and Tahir go up but they do not review. ONE. Drives to long-on.

While the players have DRINKS, why don’t you read Ayush Gupta’s report on Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli’s 50-run partnership?

LIVE SCORE: India 67/1 | Overs 16

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 45(62), Virat Kohli 22(28)

ONE. Kohli plays to mid-wicket. DOT. Morne Morkel special, that climbs on to Dhawan, survives somehow. FOUR! Super-comeback, Morkel drops it short, Dhawan pulls, one-bounce! DOT. Plays comfortably. DOT. Dhawan plays to short mid-wicket. DEAD BALL. Morkel pulls out this time, revenge? ONE. Thinks of hooking, half-stops, drops short of deep fine-leg, they run a single, and that is DRINKS.

LIVE SCORE: India 61/1 | Overs 15

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 40(57), Virat Kohli 21(27)

ONE. Plays to cover, easy run. ONE. Plays to long-off, another easy single. DOT. Plays to short mid-wicket. ONE. Another easy run to cover point. ONE. This time it was tight, that was good running from Dhawan and Kohli after playing to cover. ONE. Kohli drives to long on and they run. Click here to read on India’s first 50 runs against South Africa.

LIVE SCORE: India 56/1 | Overs 14

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 38(55), Virat Kohli 18(23)

ONE. Plays to mid-wicket and runs. ONE. Steers to deep third man, a third slip may have made a difference. DOT. Kohli plays to third man, Dhawan was running for reasons known only to him. ONE. Plays a semi-pull and runs. DEAD BALL. Dhawan pulls out at the last moment. DOT. Dhawan almost plays on, survivers. FOUR! Drives past the diving mid-on, gorgeous!

LIVE SCORE: India 49/1 | Overs 13

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 33(52), Virat Kohli 17(21)

DOT. Blocks, straight to the bowler. DOT. Plays, a single, no, wait — where did Faf-bird come from? ONE. Plays to long-off. ONE. Plays to long-on. TWO. Plays to mid-wicket, Steyn mis-fields, they take the extra run, Steyn is booed. DOT. Plays with respect.

LIVE SCORE: India 45/1 | Overs 12

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 30(47), Virat Kohli 15(19)

DOT. Plays to mid-on. ONE. Kohli plays past cover. ONE. Goes on the back-foot and plays to fine-leg. ONE. Plays to square-leg. DOT. Plays to deep third-man. FOUR! Morne Morkel strays a bit, and Kohli is certainly not going to let that go, flicks past deep mid-wicket.

LIVE SCORE: India 37/1 | Overs 11

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 28(45), Virat Kohli 9(15)

DOT. Sweeps IMRAN TAHIR fine, there’s a fielder there. ONE. Plays to long-off. DOT. Plays to short extra-cover. Tendulkar looks fabulous in a pink shirt. Here is a photo of Sachin Tendulkar today. DOT. Plays to mid-on. DOT. Plays to mid-wicket. DOT. Plays to point. Click here for a brief description of Shikhar Dhawan’s innings.

LIVE SCORE: India 36/1 | Overs 10

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 28(41), Virat Kohli 8(13)

DOT. Morkel is on, Dhawan plays it back to him. DOT. Dhawan plays to backward-point. DOT. Plays to backward-point again. FOUR! Dhawan slashes hard over point, what did he have for breakfast? DOT. A sedate cover-drive from Dhawan. DOT. Plays to mid-off. Decent start from Morne.

LIVE SCORE: India 32/1 | Overs 9

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 24(35), Virat Kohli 8(13)

DOT. Dhawan is stuck on the crease against DUMINY, no appeal. ONE. Dhawan drives to mid-off and runs. ONE. Duminy comes round the wicket, bread-and-butter for Kohli, punches to deep square-leg. DOT. Perfect forward defence. DOT. Blocks and sets off for an insane single, shows sense to come back. ONE. Steps out and plays to deep mid-wicket.

LIVE SCORE: India 29/1 | Overs 8

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 22(30), Virat Kohli 7(12)

FOUR! Vintage Kohli! Strong bottom-hand, plays away from body through extra-cover! ONE. Plays to square-leg. DOT. Dhawan plays to extra-cover. DOT. Plays to square-leg. FOUR! Gorgeous extra-cover drive from Dhawan, that made spectacular viewing, how do you play that with a bat-pad gap this big? ONE. Drives to cover and runs, sharp on!

LIVE SCORE: India 19/1 | Overs 7

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 17(26), Virat Kohli 2(10)

DOT. Steyn is in the zone today, Kohli lets it go, that was quick. ONE. Played safely to deep third-man. FOUR! Dhawan cover-drives, that was an excellent cover-drive! How can you play that with your bat so far away from your pad? DOT. Dhawan does not get carried away, blocks. DOT. Plays to point but all that is subdued as SACHIN TENDULKAR APPEARS ON THE GIANT SCREEN. DOT. Plays to point.

LIVE SCORE: India 14/1 | Overs 6

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 13(22), Virat Kohli 1(8)

ONE. Dhawan flicks and runs. ONE. Kohli is taking his risks, he shuffles against Philanders and flicks to get oiff the mark. DOT. Dhawan plays to cover. TWO. Dhawan hooks, top-edges, and just manages to clear fine-leg, this ground is REALLY humongous. DOT. Dhawan plays to mid-off. DOT. Bang on target, Dhawan defends off back-foot.

LIVE SCORE: India 10/1 | Overs 5

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 10(17), Virat Kohli 0(7)

DOT. Dhawan flicks, but no run. DOT. Dhawan plays to leg again. DOT. Ooooooh, Dhawan tries to move away from that bouncer, missed his glove by a millimetre. DOT. The ball falls short of mid-wicket. ONE. A run after a while as Dhawan cover-drives. DOT. Kohli lets it go. For a description of Rohit Sharma’s wicket click here.

LIVE SCORE: India 9/1 | Overs 4

BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 9(12), Virat Kohli 0(6)

DOT. Kohli lets this one from Philander go. DOT. Kohli is beaten by late movement, why did he poke at it? DOT. Philander pitches up, Kohli lets it go. DOT. Driven to covers. DOT. Kohli plays to point. DOT. Kohli blocks, that is a maiden over, the second of the morning.


LIVE SCORE: India 5/0 | Overs 2

BATTING: Rohit Sharma 0(6), Shikhar Dhawan 5(6)

DOT. Plays to backward point, Miller is brilliant out there. DOT. Dhawan blocks. DOT. Dhawan blocks again. FOUR. Philander strays, Dhawan flicks for four, FIRST RUNS FOR INDIA! DOT. Dhawan blocks again. ONE. Dhawan drives to cover and runs where AB de Villiers misfields (yes, such things happen).

LIVE SCORE: India 0/0 | Overs 1

BATTING: Rohit Sharma 0(6), Shikhar Dhawan 0(0)

DOT. Steyn is full and straight, and Rohit defends. DOT. Steyn strays a bit, Rohit drives, but mid-on is there. DOT. Outside off, Rohit lets it go to to QdK. DOT. Nice outswinger from Steyn, Rohit leaves it again. DOT. Steyn is getting a nice curve, Rohit plays to point, is Steyn bowling about a foot too short? DOT. Rohit finally chases this one and is beaten, MAIDEN OVER FROM STEYN.

Sudhir Kumar is in full flow as the Indian openers come out. The South African huddle is complete. Aleem Dar and Richard Kettleborough (I hope I have spelled him right) are out. Steve Davis will be in front of the television while Jeff Crowe is the match referee.

TEAMS: India: MS Dhoni (c & wk), Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Mohammed Shami, Mohit Sharma, Suresh Raina, Umesh Yadav. South Africa: AB de Villiers (c), Quinton de Kock (wk), Hashim Amla, Faf du Plessis, David Miller, JP Duminy, Wayne Parnell, Vernon Philander, Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel, Imran Tahir.

The players walk out on to the ground with the kids, anthems to begin. Have you stood up already in anticipation? The Indian anthem, first, followed by the South African counterpart. Goosebumps, folks. The national anthems never fail. This update took some time because we were all standing in the newsroom, as had, I am sure, our man Nishad in the pressbox out there.

Weather update from the Melbourne Cricket Ground for India vs South Africa encounter: Our man, Nishad Pai Vaidya, tells from the ground that there are clouds in the sky, but no real chance of rain. The crowd have lined up outside the ground. They are gradually filling in. The flags have come out.  The countdown starts.

Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan update: Dimuth Karunaratne joins his three teammates in the pavilion. Sri Lanka are 52/4 now chasing 233 (*cough* Dave Richardson *cough*), with Jayawardene and Mathews battling it out. Catch our Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan live blog here.

Stat byte: India vs South Africa in World Cup cricket — India have lost all three, have batted first in all three, and all three have been league matches. This is also a league match, and India is batting first again. This is also the first India vs South Africa World Cup encounter without Sachin Tendulkar.

TEAMS: India: MS Dhoni (c & wk), Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Mohammed Shami, Mohit Sharma, Suresh Raina, Umesh Yadav. South Africa: AB de Villiers (c), Quinton de Kock (wk), Hashim Amla, Faf du Plessis, David Miller, JP Duminy, Wayne Parnell, Vernon Philander, Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel, Imran Tahir.

TOSS: India captain MS Dhoni won the toss and elected to bat against South Africa in their ICC Cricket World Cup Pool B Match 13 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on Sunday. India have retained their playing XI for this match. Dhoni has now won two tosses in a row! South Africa, on the other hand, have brought in Wayne Parnell for Farhaan Behardien.

Afghanistan are on a roll at Dunedin vs Sri Lanka! Hamid Hasan has just bowled Kumar Sangakkara, and they are reeling at 23/3 chasing 233. As you wait for India vs South Africa to tee off at Melbourne, why don’t you follow Catch our Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan live blog here?

Want to know more about India vs South Africa past encounters in World Cup cricket? South Africa have an emphatic 3-0 lead over India in World Cup cricket. Click here to re-live India vs South Africa 1992, here for India vs South Africa 1999, and here for India vs South Africa 2011. You will find the statistical preview of India vs South Africa World Cup matches here.

While we wait for India vs South Africa, drama is unfolding at Dunedin between Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. Afghanistan were bowled out for 232, but both Sri Lankan openers — Lahiru Thirimanne and Tillakaratne Dilshan — have fallen for golden ducks, and Kumar Sangakkara survived what would have been a certain run out. Catch our Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan live blog here.

Let us re-live the India vs South Africa matches in World Cup cricket. India and South Africa have met thrice in World Cup Cricket — in 1992, 1999, and 2011. All of them have been in league matches, just like today. India have batted first on all three occasions. Sachin Tendulkar has played in all three matches. And South Africa has chased down successfully every time.

Ravi Shastri up on Star Sports. Man, have we missed this voice! It seems almost outrageous that his voice won’t boom across the huge MCG with “Are we ready, Melboooooourne?” Anyone barring Shastri at the toss seems rather strange. But anyway, he is the team director. He says that teams that start peaking two weeks from now are the favourites: that is the right time to peak. They are citing examples of Pakistan in 1992 and Australia in 1999. Shastri also adds that India are all pumped up.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the India versus South Africa ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 match in the Pool B, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on Sunday. This is Abhishek Mukherjee, and I will be bringing you the over-by-over updates of the match. PREVIEW: India vs South Africa ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 match at Melbourne

Both India and South Africa started off their ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 campaigns on a winning note. While South Africa had to work really hard to beat their African rivals Zimbabwe in their opening clash at Hamilton by 62 runs, India had a comparatively smooth run against their arch rivals Pakistan, which they defeated by 76 runs.

The general consensus is that it will be a clash between India’s batsmen and South Africa’s famed bowling attack, but barring the previous match against Pakistan, Indian batting has not really taken off in ODIs on the ongoing tour. Virat Kohli had scored an outstanding hundred that day at Adelaide Oval, while both Shikhar Dhawan and Suresh Raina impressed with their strokeplay.

Rohit Sharma, on the other hand, may play a key role, what with an average of 99 from three innings at Melbourne Cricket Ground. South Africans will, in all probability, unleash a three-pronged pace attack consisting of Dale Steyn, Vernon Philander, and Morne Morkel, with support from Imran Tahir. Indians have traditionally been strong against leg-spinners, which means their handling of Tahir will be worth a watch.

India’s Achilles’ heel, of course, is their bowling. Though their fast bowlers did a good job against Pakistan, it is unlikely that they would pose problems to the South Africans, who have been brought up on pace and bounce. A batting line-up consisting of Hashim Amla, AB de Villiers, Faf du Plessis, David Miller, and JP Duminy looks ominous, and the Indians have a serious task on their hand. It will be interesting to see whether they go in with three spinners on the massive arena. All in all, the cricket fraternity awaits a mouth-watering contest…


India: MS Dhoni (c&wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Akshar Patel, Stuart Binny, Mohammed Shami, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Umesh Yadav, Mohit Sharma, Ambati Rayudu, Ravichandran Ashwin.

South Africa: AB de Villiers (c), Quinton de Kock (wk), Hashim Amla, Rilee Rossouw, Faf du Plessis, JP Duminy, David Miller, Farhaan Behardien, Imran Tahir, Dale Steyn, Vernon Philander, Kyle Abbott, Morne Morkel, Wayne Parnell, Aaron Phangiso.

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Complete Coverage