Robin Uthappa © PTI
Robin Uthappa © PTI

Sep 21, 2014

Catch live scorecard of KKR vs Lahore Lions CLT20 2014 match here

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Sunil Narine is adjudicated as the man of the match….surprise surprise!

I am signing off then. It was a fun game. Bye for now and you can check out our match report here

Andre Russell wants to finish it with a big six and the ball goes high in the air and Wahab Riaz, who is suddenly everywhere pouches it at deep extra cover. Suryakumar Yadav takes a couple and then an inside edge runs to the boundary as KKR huff and puff to a 4 wicket win.
A Russell c Wahab b Raza 1(4)
Ryan ten Doeschate is caught plumb in front by Wahab Riaz and bowls an excellent penultimate over to give his team a chance. 5 needed of the last over.
OUT! R ten Doeschate lbw b Wahab Riaz 12(9),
Cheema is into the attack and Yusuf smashes the ball over the long on boundary for a big six and tries the same of the next ball and Wahab Riaz takes a safe running catch. Ten Doeschate is on the receiving end of some regression from the bowler and new ma n Suryakumar smashes the bowl over the fine leg fielder for a big six.
Wahab Riaz is back on and is trying aim at Yusuf Pathan’s ribcage. Just one run comes off the first three balls after a wide. Its 23 to win from the last three overs.
Aizaz Cheema is back on and he gets Manvinder Bisla’s wicket. There was a noise and the wicketkeeper Akmal and Jamshed went up and umpire Dharmasena took his own time to raise his finger. Then, Jamshed puts down a fairly easy chance at first slip off Ryan ten Doeschate and there is drama unfolding here. Yusuf is trying to big here. The last ball is nicked to the third man region for a boundary.
M Bisla c U Akmal b Cheema 6(8),
Gambhir tries to go big and a simple catch is put down by Saeed at mid on and the ball cuts his lip but Gambhir plays all over a ball that was keeping low and a wee bit turn takes off his stumps. Huge cheers welcome Yusuf Pathan to the crease.
OUT! G Gambhir b Iqbal 60(47)
KKR should not chew up deliveries in their attempt to settle down. Gambhir knows that and is a reliable chaser. The southpaw goes over the top again and intercepts the ball between the deep midwicket and long on fielders. FOUR more.
Two more singles of the first two balls and its the second 100 run opening stand in the CLT20. Uthappa misses out on his fifty after a dab down to third man goes wrong and the ball crashes onto the stumps. Finally there is respite for Lahore. There is a big shout of the next ball but Bisla got the toe edge of his bat on the ball and keeps strike.
OUT! R Uthappa b Rasool 46(34)
Its looking rather simple for KKR and Wahab Riaz is back into the attack. The left-armer is steaming in with a lot of pace as Lahore search for their elusive breakthrough. Uthappa expertly dabs the ball down to the third man region and its a couple for the batsmen. Gambhir cuts the ball down to third man its a much needed fifty for the KKR captain.
Its singles of the first couple of deliveries — easy singles at that and cramps take a toll on Robbie Aiyuda — yeah that’s the Karnataka opener’s alter ego. Bad jokes aside, the physios are at work everybody is enjoying a good break in the middle. Not sure how much that took a toll on him as yet again Uthappa steps down and smashes the ball over the sightscreen for another SIX.
Uthappa steps down the wicket and shows his IPL 2014 form here. Iqbal’s darters are punished mercilessly by the KKR opener stepping down the wicket to hit a six and following it up by crashing the ball through the cover region for another four. The batsmen take a couple of singles and Gambhir keeps strike.
Its another delivery drifted wide, another cut shot and it is another four. Gambhir, this time threads the field with consummate ease and the ball races away. Lahore skipper Hafeez wears a pensive look on his face as Lahore search for the first wicket.
The left-arm spinner Mustafa Iqbal is into the attack and it takes three deliveries for Gambhir to get a run. Uthappa , though shows how to pierce a field by cutting it expertly through the off-side and its a FOUR. A neat over otherwise which yields six runs of it..
Adnan Rasool is into the attack and Gambhir effortlessly runs the ball down to the vacant third man area for a boundary. Fifty up for KKR as well as the openers and the chase is going rather smoothly for KKR. Rasool pitches the ball up for the next three deliveries and keeps things tidy for Lahore. Uthappa goes for a premeditated swing of a quicker delivery and completely misses it. He keeps strike.
Uthappa now shows his class. Shifting his weight on the ball like a ballerina with his elegant batting style, the ball races to the off-side boundary and then a gentle push down the ground beats the mid on fielder and it back-to-back boundaries for the Karnataka opener. Pressure getting to the fielders as a comical misfield in the boundary costs a couple and then Raza’s desperate attempt at short-third man goes begging and its a drop catch! Don’t ask me to put a number on the drop catches this evening.
Wahab Riaz continues. The ball is pitched short and wide and Gambhir slashes at it but Shehzad is on it in a flash and saves a certain boundary at cover. The openers then tap the ball around to get a couple of singles. Gambhir, then goes over the top and its over the cover fielder and into the boundary ropes. Then Gambhir opens the bat delicately to third man and the batsmen run a couple.
Here comes Aizaz Cheema. Nicely played by Robbie Uthappa, that’s just a single to square leg. Two more runs. Driven hard by Gambhir, but no run there. Just three off the first four balls. Oh slammed down the ground, FOUR more for Gambhir! Last ball now. Short and wide, Gambhir plays it down to third man for one.
Here comes Hafeez again. Oh that’s nicely played by Gambhir, four runs! Lovely timing and deftly placed. FOUR to third man! Cut hard this time, FOUR MORE through point! Oh dear, misfield at backward square leg, allows an extra run. 10 off the first four balls of the over. Gambhir steps out again, this time just a dot to covers. And another dot to end with.
Asif Raza starts at the other end and Gambhir flicks the ball away for a single. Raza is tight and Uthappa is watchful with the bowlers’ wicked high-arm action. The fifth ball is a single, dabbed to the deep mid-wicket region and Gambhir takes a single of the last ball to keep strike. Good over for the Lions.
Mohammad Hafeez will start proceedings and Gambhir has decided to take him on and he steps down and lofts the ball over the off-side field and the ball reaches the fence despite a valiant effort on the field. Hafeez is taking the pace off the ball and the ball is skidding on. Its six runs from the first over.
Cummins will bowl the last over and gets it wrong in the second delivery and its four leg byes. More woes for KKR as the ball takes the toe edge of Wahab Riaz’s bat and beats the short fine-leg fielder and its another four. Then the batsmen cross over for a leg-bye. The ball is full in the penultimate ball of the innings and Akmal smashes it down long off and its a big six — it was simply a cracking shot by Umar Akmal and then cuts the slow delivery straight to Gautam Gambhir at point. It was a nice cameo though to get the score over 150.
OUT! U Akmal c Gambhir b Cummins 40(24)
Narine is back, Wahab Riaz tries to clear the field and only gets a top edge. Narine is under it and drops a sitter — a rather lazy effort but ends his spell with 4 overs, 17 dot balls and 3 wickets. Incredible and simply peerless!
Umar Akmal is delicate and runs the ball down to third man and Pat Cummins does a fine job cutting the ball down in the deep and then there is another fine piece of fielding, this time at long off. Russell then wastes a good start by going horribly wrong with his length and its wide and Akmal smashes it to the boundary.
More spin is on and Piyush Chawla continues and Lahore decide to take the bowler on, realising that they need quick runs. Umar Akmal goes after Chawla and steps down the track and its a six of the first ball and then cuts the leg-spinner for a boundary. The last ball is a bad delivery and is pulled away for another boundary.
Narine continues to bamboozle opposition and a flipper is just too much for Siddiq and the ball raps him on his pads and the umpire raises his finger. Another southpaw comes in and its though the gate and Narine’s on a hat-trick. Lahore has no answer. Bisla takes the bails off quickly, the decision goes upstairs and but Wahab Riaz has just about made it but this is simply scintillating from the West Indian.
OUT! Siddiq lbw b Narine 2(6), Raza b Narine 0(1)
Bisla continues to have a shocker behind the stumps. There is no major damage but even simple takes are looking rather laboured. Kuldeep continues to look like a fantastic young prospect and there was a close LBW shout which was going high. The turn he got was vicious and thats the end of Kuldeep’s first outing as a bowler in a KKR jersey. Their fans will certainly remember this day.
Narine continues and as usual the batsmen are tied down and in true Rangana Hearth style, the constant turn, probing and nagging line gets to the batsman and the hapless Nasim gets a top edge and Suryakumar takes a safe catch at short cover and its just four of the over. KKR are back into the contest.
S Nasim c Suryakumar b Narine 0(4)
Chawla continues and the batsmen are in a spin and Hafeez cuts the ball through gully which is well cut off by Narine and then the leg-spinner gets the big fish as Shehzad comes down the track and doesn’t get the elevation on it as Uthappa takes the catch, inches before the rope. Bisla makes another blunder behind the stumps and the ball runs to the boundary for four byes.
A Shehzad c Uthappa b Chawla 59(42)
Russell is brought back on and yet again he is spot on with his line. Shehzad then dabs the ball down fine of the third delivery of the over and gets his fifty. Its a strokefilled knock but he has had a few lives. Then he tries the sames shot and its even better next time. Its a six!
Kuldeep continues and the fielding continues to let him down. He continues to bowl well and then then finally gets his reward of the last ball of the over where Hafeez tries to go big and then then Russell ends up taking a safe catch in the deep and Kuldeep is surrounded by his team-mates.
OUT! M Hafeez c Russell b Kuldeep 9(15)
Parity is restored for Kolkata after Chawla bowls beautifully in the 10th over and has the two batsmen in knots and its just two runs of the over. Nice flight, loop and is reading the batsmen well.
Kuldeep continues and there is a half chance that goes begging when Shehzad’s reverse sweep goes to the boundary with Narine’s lazy effort. There is further bad news for the 19-year old after Uthappa’s sloppy effort at long on hits the boundary ropes and its another boundary. Terrible fielding from the Indian side.
Russell is into the attack again and at the moment, he can’t do no wrong. He starts off with a wicked bouncer. He later sprays on the pads which is flicked on the leg-side by Hafeez for a couple. All the good work is undone by Russell by bowling two consecutive wides and then a sloppy effort on the field allows the batsmen to take a couple of the last ball.


The first of its kind Indian Chinaman is on — the first ball is a wide and the second one has some wicked turn and Jamshed is bamboozled. Another Stumping missed! Bisla yet again makes a mess of it after Kuldeep bowls another brilliant delivery. What a start Kuldeep could have had. And there is a run out. Jamshed pays tribute to Inzamam with his running and is caught short of the crease after some brilliant work from Russell in the deep. Good start by Kuldeep Yadav though.
N Jamshed Run Out 10(16)
Spin takes a break after a rather expensive Chawla over. Cummins is back and Shehzad plays and misses the first two balls of the over. The third ball is a slow delivery and the line is horribly wrong and Shehzad cracks the ball over long on for another fabulous looking six. He is some serious talent this young man. Even the Twitter king, Jamshed is lofting the ball confidently now.
Sunil Narine is brought into the attack and Jamshed gets his pad on a bad delivery angled down the leg side and its four more to the total. There is a big shout of the penultimate ball of the over but the ball was easily missing the leg stump. All the other deliveries were the staple Narine fare and Jamshed could do precious little and not a single run came of the bat in the over.
Piyush Chawla is brought into the attack and the batsmen take a risky single of the second ball which almost runs out the slow Jamshed. Shehzad, meanwhile is on the attack and steps down and smashes the ball towards the long off boundary. Then, Oh boy! missed stumping chance..Shehzad steps down and Bisla misses an absolute dolly of a stumping. He does the same the next ball and he clears the ropes. Another Six!
Cummins continues and he overpitches badly and Shehzad is turning on the screws. First, a lofted four through the off-side and and a gorgeous flick, using his bottom hand well to clear the long on boundary. Six! Cummins finishes the over well.
Its Andre Russell who is given the ball in the second over and Shehzad crosses over for a leg bye. Jamshed strikes the ball crisply through the covers but is unable to pierce the field. The southpaw then tries a heave but the ball just hits him on his thighs. Russell is sensing that the batsman is trying to hit him out of the park and is mixing his pace. In other matters, there is a video footage of Gambhir having a tussle with the cameraman for coming to close to his face for comfort. The last ball is pitched wide and is slapped through the off-side for a boundary.
Its Aussie quick Pat Cummins to start proceedings and Jamshed ticks the ball around to fine leg for a single. Ahmed Shehzad is watchful of the first couple of deliveries and then then tries to clear the ropes but is unsuccessful. The right-hander keeps strike of the last ball.


Lahore Lions: Siddiq, Shehzad, Jamshed, Hafeez, Nasim, U Akmal, Wahab Riaz, Raza, Iqbal, Rasool, Cheema

Kolkata: Gambhir, Uthappa, Bisla, Pathan, ten Doeschate, Yadav, Russell, Chawla, Narine, Cummins, Yadav

TOSS:  Kolkata Knight Riders captain Gautam Gambhir won the toss and elected to field against Lahore Lions.

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Lahore Lions (LL) face off in the seventh encounter of the ongoing Champions League Twenty20 (CLT20) 2014 tournament at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Hyderabad on Sunday. Read about KKR’s likely XI here

While KKR head into the second game of the ongoing tournament after registering a memorable win against Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the first after the end of the qualifying round, the Lahore Lions will look to begin the group stage on a good note after a spirited performance in the qualifiers. Read about five Key battles in the match here

KKR, who emerged winners of this year’s edition of the Indian Premier League after defeating Kings XI Punjab in the final, started off the tournament on a thrilling note by defeating MS Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings by three wickets courtesy a power-packed innings of 58 runs off 25 balls by Andre Russell. KKR had lost five wickets for a mere 51 runs while chasing a target of 158 runs. It was the middle-order duo of Ryan ten Doeschate and Russell that helped add 80 runs for the sixth wicket.

Lahore Lions, on the other hand, have put up an impressive display in the tournament so far. Having won this year’s edition of the Haier T20 Cup, the Lahores managed to stun everyone by beating tournament favourites Mumbai Indians by a margin of six wickets. After that win, they produced a disastrous performance against the Northern Knights, where they were dismissed for a total of 98 runs while chasing a target of 171. Hi I am R Vishal and I will be bringing you live updates of Match 7.


Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (c), Yusuf Pathan, Robin Uthappa (wk), Piyush Chawla, Ranganath Vinay Kumar, Umesh Yadav, Manish Pandey, Suryakumar Yadav, Kuldeep  Yadav, Sunil Narine, Jacques Kallis, Ryan Ten Doeschate, Manvinder Bisla (wk), Patrick Cummins, Andre Russell.

Lahore Lions: Mohammad Hafeez (c), Ahmed Shehzad, Umar Siddique Khan, Mohammad Umar Akmal (wk), Nasir Jamshed, Mohammad Salman Ali, Asif Raza, Mohammad Mustafa Iqbal, Wahab Riaz, Aizaz Cheema, Imran Ali, Saad Naseem, Adnan Rasool, Mohammad Saeed, Ali Manzoor.

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