NEPAL 205/5 after 50 overs │ Live Cricket Score, Pakistanis vs Nepal 2015 tour match at Abu Dhabi: Pakistanis won by 121 runs

The match will be a historic one for Nepal, as they play a top-ranked team for the first time in their history.

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Nepal are set to face what can be termed their biggest match in their cricketing history when they face the Pakistanis in a one-off 50-over match in Abu Dhabi on Sunday. Nepal, who will be led by star player Paras Khadka in the tour match, will be up against a full strength Pakistani side that will be facing England in a bilateral One-Day International (ODI) series in a matter of a few days. Nepal recently played their first match in the UAE when they faced Hong Kong in a drawn two-day tour game. Following this match, Nepal will face teams such as Oman and PNG at the same venue.

Live Cricket Score: Nepal 205/5 after 50 overs │ Batting:  Sharad Vesawkar 14(18), Mahboob Alam 1(1): Gyanendra Malla is caught by Babar Azam off the bowling of Anwar Ali, he made 41. Nepal go beyond 200, good for them and reach 205 for the loss of five wickets at the end of 50 overs. Good fight by an associate team against a top-raked side. Pakistanis won the match by 121 runs. Azhar Ali top-scored in the match with 73 runs.OUT! Gyanendra Malla c Babar Azam b Anwar Ali 41(52)

Live Cricket Score: Nepal 194/4 after 48 overs │ Batting:  Gyanendra Malla 35(46), Sharad Vesawkar 10(13): Nepal add 10 runs in last two overs and take their score to 194 for the loss of four wickets. Nepal should go all out attack in the remaining two overs, they have nothing to lose. Gyanendra Malla is batting pretty well on 35 with the help of four boundaries.

Live Cricket Score: Nepal 186/4 after 46 overs │ Batting:  Gyanendra Malla 29(37), Sharad Vesawkar 9(10): Gyanendra Malla is upping the tempo; he slams to back to back fours of Anwar Ali. Nepal now need 14 runs in 24 balls to get to 200, well within their reach. Interesting to see what score will they get to in this encounter. They have proven many experts wrong who said that they will fold for under 150.

Live Cricket Score: Nepal 168/4 after 44 overs │ Batting:  Gyanendra Malla 11(26), Sharad Vesawkar 9(9): Nepal added 13 runs in the last three overs. Nepal needs 159 runs to win in 36 balls. This is far-fetched and practically not possible. They should aim to reach 200-210 without losing any further wickets. This will prove that they are a good team to contend with and are a little above the minnow category.

Live Cricket Score: Nepal 155/4 after 41 overs │ Batting:  Gyanendra Malla 7(17), Sharad Vesawkar 0(0): Paras Khadka is caught by Sarfraz Ahmed off a Wahab Riaz’s delivery. He made 13 runs. Nepal getting to 200 looks difficult for now taking into consideration that they are finding it tough to up the scoring rate. They have batted at a run rate of 3.34. They need to bat little slow than run a ball from here on to get to 200. Let’s see if they can get to it. OUT! Paras Khadka c Sarfraz Ahmed b Wahab Riaz 13(22)

Live Cricket Score: Nepal 154/3 after 39 overs │ Batting:  Gyanendra Malla 7(12), Paras Khadka 13(14): Gyanendra Malla and Paras Khadka are trying hard that they help Nepal at least reach 200-run mark and go with a good frame of mind for their future matches and series’. 200 is a good score by an associate team like Nepal against a quality side like Pakistanis.

Live Cricket Score: Nepal 147/3 after 38 overs │ Batting:  Gyanendra Malla 4(9), Paras Khadka 10(11): Two new batsmen are at the crease now. Paras Khadka strikes a beautifully timed four off Ahmed Shehzad. He takes his score to nine, he picks a single next ball and is now batting on 10. Nepal now needs 180 runs off 72 balls to win.

Live Cricket Score: Nepal 136/3 after 35.3 overs │ Batting:  Gyanendra Malla 3(5), Paras Khadka 0(0): Sagar Pun is caught by Azhar Ali on the bowing of Ahmed Shehzad. Things are getting difficult for Nepal. Sagar made 39 runs with the help of two boundaries and a six. Paras Khadka has come to the middle after his departure. OUT! Sagar Pun c Azhar Ali b Ahmed Shehzad 39(66)

Live Cricket Score: Nepal 136/2 after 35 overs │ Batting:  Sagar Pun 38(64), Gyanendra Malla 3(4): Ahmed Shehzad is again brought into attack. He proved expensive in his first over where he squandered12 runs. He gives just four runs in his second over. Sagar Pun looks solid to slam his first half century against Pakistanis.

Live Cricket Score: Nepal 128/2 after 33 overs │ Batting:  Sagar Pun 34(56), Gyanendra Malla 0(0): Finally, Pakistanis are able to break the second wicket partnership between Sagar Pun and Anil Mandal which fetched Nepal 79 runs. Anil Mandal is out leg-before-wicket for 61 off Anwar Ali’s bowling. Nepal now needs 199 runs to win in 17 overs.  OUT! Anil Mandal lbw Anwar Ali 61(109)

Live Cricket Score: Nepal 110/1 after 30 overs │ Batting: Anil Mandal 53(101), Sagar Pun 25(46):  Anil Mandal and Sagar Pun have struck a rapport and are batting well together. Nepal need 217 runs to win in 120 balls, virtually impossible but one has to say that Nepal batsmen have showed character.

Live Cricket Score: Nepal 105/1 after 28 overs │ Batting: Anil Mandal 52(100), Sagar Pun 21(35): Anil Mandal hits a gigantic six. He reaches his fifty and with this becomes the first Nepalese batsman to hit a fifty against a good team and also the first Nepalese to slam a six against Pakistanis. Nepal have batted well so far although they may lose the match.

Live Cricket Score: Nepal 93/1 after 25 overs │ Batting: Anil Mandal 47(89), Sagar Pun 14(28): In 25 overs Nepal have reached 93 and have lost only one wicket so far. Anil Mandal is just three short of his half century. Sagar Pun is batting at the other end on 14.Required run rate is 9.47. Nepal cannot win this match most probably but they should play well and leave a good impression.

Live Cricket Score: Nepal 84/1 after 22 overs │ Batting: Anil Mandal 41(75), Sagar Pun 12(24): Anil Mandal is just nine short off his half century. Sagar Pun is giving him good support at the other end. Nepal needs 243 runs to win. If Mandal gets to his fifty, he will become the first Nepalese batsman to slam a fifty against a top-ranked team.

Live Cricket Score: Nepal 67/1 after 20 overs │ Batting: Anil Mandal 27(66), Sagar Pun 9(21): Sagar Pun strikes a boundary off Azhar Ali’s ball. Nepal needs a good partnership between him and Anil Mandal. As of now, their partnership is worth 17 runs. Nepal needs 260 more runs to win. Victory is far-fetched for Nepalese, they should aim to make a good impression in this match by making a score between 200-250.

Live Cricket Score: Nepal 58/1 after 18 overs │ Batting: Anil Mandal 25(59), Sagar Pun 2(16): Just four runs were scored in the last two overs. Sagar Pun is taking his time to settle down. Anil Mandal is batting at a strike rate of 43.33. Nepal are 58 for the loss of one wicket after 18 over. They need 269 runs to win off 192 balls.

Live Cricket Score: Nepal 54/1 after 16 overs │ Batting: Anil Mandal 22(52), Sagar Pun 1(11): Sagar Pun has come to bat after Khakurel’s dismissal. Next two overs fetched just one run. Anil Mandal is batting on 22 with the help of two shots to the fence. Nepal are batting at a run rate of 3.37.

Live Cricket Score: Nepal 53/1 after 14 overs │ Batting: Anil Mandal 22(50), Sagar Pun 0(1):Wahab Riaz has been brought into the attack; he bowls a maiden over to Anil Mandal. Pakistanis are yet to pick their first Nepal wicket. Nepal batsmen are batting sensibly and not trying anything extravagant. They need to show the world that they fought even if they lose this match and are a good associate team. But just when it appeared that Nepal’s openers were batting pretty well, Yasir Shah spoils the party and picks the first wicket in the form of Subhash Khakurel. OUT! Subhash Khakurel c Anwar Ali b Yasir Shah 26(33)

Live Cricket Score: Nepal 47/0 after 12 overs │ Batting: Anil Mandal 18(41), Subhash Khakurel 24(31): Anwar Ali gives just one run in the eleventh over. At present Anwar Ali and Yasir Shah are bowling well in tandem but they are not able to provide Pakistan with a breakthrough. It was predicted that Nepal’s top-order would find it difficult handling Pakistani bowlers but the experts have been proven wrong.

Live Cricket Score: Nepal 41/0 after 10 overs │ Batting: Anil Mandal 16(34), Subhash Khakurel 20(26): Yasir Shah gives five runs in his second over— one single and four leg byes. Pakistanis are finding it difficult to draw first blood. Both openers are batting defensively. Nepal need 286 runs to win.

Live Cricket Score: Nepal 36/0 after 9 overs │ Batting: Anil Mandal 15(29), Subhash Khakurel 20(25): Legbreak googly bowler Yasir Shah has been brought into the attack. He gave four runs in his first over. Subhash Khakurel hits another boundary. Nepal are 36 for no loss after nine overs. Both the batsmen are taking their time to get their eye in.

Live Cricket Score: Nepal 24/0 after 6 overs │ Batting: Anil Mandal 13(17), Subhash Khakurel 10(19): Nepal have reached 24 for no loss at the end of six overs. Nepal should aim to make a decent score rather than going for the huge target. At present keeping wickets intact is the key. If they play at a fairly decent scoring rate and with wickets in hand, they can go for the kill later on.

Live Cricket Score: Nepal 17/0 after 4 overs │ Batting: Anil Mandal 8(12), Subhash Khakurel 8(12): Khakurel slams a four on the third ball of Anwar Ali’s over. Ali gave seven runs in the second over. Mandal joins the party and hits Irfan for a four in the last ball of the third over. After four overs Nepal are 17 for no loss. A slow but steady start for them.

Live Cricket Score: Nepal 2/0 after 1 over │ Batting: Anil Mandal 1(2), Subhash Khakurel 0(4): Nepal have started batting after Pakistanis made a mammoth 326 in their innings. Anil Mandal and Subhash Khakurel have opened the batting for Nepal. They have a herculean task ahead. Mohammad Irfan bowled the first over for Pakistan. He bowled tight and gave just two runs in the over.

Live Cricket Score: Pakistanis 326/6 after 50 overs │ Batting: Babar Azam 43(29), Anwar Ali 11(5): Sarfraz Ahmed has been castled by Paras Khadka in what turns out to be a good death over by the Nepal skipper, conceding only five runs (compared to the onslaught that has been going on for the last few overs or so). Babar Azam however, is still batting on 41 at the other end, and will be the main target for the Nepal bowlers for the final over. Anwar Ali finishes with a six off the last ball of the innings to remain unbeaten on 11 off five balls. Meanwhile, Babar Azam finishes unbeaten on 43.

Live Cricket Score: Pakistanis 309/5 after 48 overs │ Batting: Babar Azam 39(25), Sarfraz Ahmed 0(2):  Two major overs for Pakistan since Malik retired himself hurt! While Azam hits a six in the 47th off the bowling of Paras Khadka, he smashes Karan KC for three fours and a six in the 48th to collect 20 runs off it! Pakistan move past the 300-run mark with this effort, and  are currently the hot favourites to finish on a big total and win the contest!

Live Cricket Score: Pakistanis 282/5 after 46 overs │ Batting: Babar Azam 11(14), Anwar Ali 0(0): Basant Regmi, who has perhaps been the pick among the Nepal bowlers so far in the innings, decides to go for  horror over, conceding 20 runs off the 46th, including three fours and a six! Malik retires hurt at the end of the over to finish with scores of 63 off 49 balls. The platform is more or less set for the Pakistanis to cross the 300-run mark. Sarfraz Ahmed is the new batsman to walk to the crease. OUT! Shoaib Malik retired hurt 63(49)

Live Cricket Score: Pakistanis 262/4 after 45 overs │ Batting: Shoaib Malik 44(44), Babar Azam 11(14): Malik and Azam are still leading the fight for the Pakistanis at Abu Dhabi with their spirited effort. Four! Malik smashes a boundary off the bowling of Regmi, who has taken two wickets so far in the innings, to move to 37. Babar Azam brings up the 250 for Pakistan with a boundary off the first ball of the very next over! Meanwhile, Khadka is currently bowling a very expensive eighth over, as he ends up conceding 15 runs off it as Pakistan move to 262/4 after 45 overs.

Live Cricket Score: Pakistanis 236/4 after 42 overs │ Batting: Shoaib Malik 31(38), Babar Azam 0(2): Basant Regmi strikes again! This time removes veteran batsman Younis Khan, who has been caught by skipper Khadka to depart for a score of 38 off 42 balls. OUT! Younis Khan c Paras Khadka c Basant Regmi 38(42)

Live Cricket Score: Pakistanis 229/3 after 40 overs │ Batting: Younis Khan 34(35), Shoaib Malik 28(35): Younis Khan and Shoaib malik are leading the charge with a strong fourth-wicket parntership. Malik hit the first six for himself in the game off Sagar Pun, and Younis is warming up well for his return to limited-overs cricket. These two have added more than 50 runs for the fourth wicket so far. Can the duo help their side finish on a big total? The odds are certainly in their favour!

Live Cricket Score: Pakistanis 195/3 after 35 overs │ Batting: Younis Khan 21(19), Shoaib Malik 10(21): Younis Khan gets his first boundary of his innings, which also helps break the monotoneity of his partnership with Malik, at the start of the 34th over. He follows it up with another one at the start of the next over, as Pakistan move to 195 for 3 at the end of 35 overs.

Live Cricket Score: Pakistanis 179/3 after 33 overs │ Batting: Younis Khan 7(10), Shoaib Malik 8(18): Pakistan is going slow at the moment, with Malik and Younis still taking their time to settle at the crease at the moment. Meanwhile, Nepal skipper Paras Khadka has employed as many as seven bowlers in the innings so far.

Live Cricket Score: Pakistanis 173/3 after 31 overs │ Batting: Younis Khan 4(7), Shoaib Malik 5(9): Malik and Younis, the two Pakistani veterans, steady themselves at the crease, following a change of faces at the crease. Malik, who recently retired from Tests to focus on limited-overs engagements, needs to build a partnership with the 37-year-old, who recently became Pakistan’s highest run-getter in Tests. Meanwhile, Sagar Pun is bowling quite well.

Live Cricket Score: Pakistanis 167/3 after 29 overs │ Batting: Younis Khan 2(2), Shoaib Malik 1(2): And Nepal have managed to make a comeback into the game, after it seemed that Azhar Ali and Mohammad Hafeez would guide them all the way to a score in excess of 350. Azhar retires himself out after scoring a run-a-ball 73. Hafeez is on the verge of bringing up his half-century, when the substitute fielder Budayair takes his second catch of the match, this time off the bowling of Sagar Pun, as Hafeez departs after scoring a 55-ball 49. OUT! Azhar Ali retired hurt 73(73), Mohammad Hafeez c NB Budayair b Sagar Pun 49(55)

Live Cricket Score: Pakistanis 140/1 after 26 overs │ Batting: Azhar Ali 66(67), Mohammad Hafeez 32(47): Azhar Ali has brought up his half-century in no time at all! Gets to the milestone in the 23rd over, in which he smashes 18 runs to move to the 60s. Meanwhile, Hafeez starts pounding from the other end to move into the 30s, as the partnership between the two is nearly worth a century at the moment. Shakti Gauchan has been extremely expensive so far, and it will not come as a surprise if skipper Khadka decides to rest him for now.

Live Cricket Score: Pakistanis 105/1 after 22 overs │ Batting: Azhar Ali 43(54), Mohammad Hafeez 20(36): Azhar Ali and Mohammad Hafeez have completed the 50-run stand for the second-wicket, as the Pakistanis are in full control of the proceedings at the moment. Azhar is just seven runs away from getting to his half-century at the moment. Meanwhile, Pakistan look set for a big score today!

Live Cricket Score: Pakistanis 99/1 after 20 overs │ Batting: Azhar Ali 38(49), Mohammad Hafeez 19(29): The Pakistanis have recovered well following the dismissal of Shehzad, with Azhar and Hafeez putting up a quickfire 44-run stand in 51 balls, with the Pakistani skipper moving to 38 off 49 balls at the end of 20 overs.

Live Cricket Score: Pakistanis 84/1 after 17 overs │ Batting: Azhar Ali 26(38), Mohammad Hafeez 16(22): Mohammad Hafeez has propelled the Pakistanis in a major way following the dismissal of Ahmed Shehzad off the bowling of Basant Regmi. This time, Hafeez targets Regmi, smashing him for a four and a six, collecting 15 runs off the 16th over! Pakistan bounce back in style following the brief blip.

Live Cricket Score: Pakistanis 68/1 after 15 overs │ Batting: Azhar Ali 24(35), Mohammad Hafeez 4(13): Azhar Ali continues to plunder the Nepal attack following the fall of the first Pakistani wicket. The Pakistan skipper smashes two boundaries off his Nepali counterpart in the 13th over to move into the 20s. He has to play a responsible innings now, and will enjoy the company of Mohammad Hafeez, who is in brilliant form at the moment given his majestic 151 in the previous game.

Live Cricket Score: Pakistanis 55/1 after 12 overs │ Batting: Azhar Ali 15(27), Mohammad Hafeez 0(3): Nepal finally get the much-needed breakthrough!!! Skipper Paras Khadka hands the ball over to Basant Regmi, who promptly manages to get rid of the dangerous-looking Shehzad. The right-handed opener was looking set for a half-century when he holed out a catch to substitute fielder Budayair to be dismissed 15 runs short of a comeback half-century. OUT! Ahmed Shehzad c NB Budayair b Basant Regmi 35(42)

Live Cricket Score: Pakistanis 52/0 after 10 overs │ Batting: Azhar Ali 14(24), Ahmed Shehzad 33(36): The Pakistanis have completed the 50-run opening stand, with Shehzad smashing the bowlers all over the park so far in 10 overs to reach a personal score of 33. Among the Nepal bowlers, Kami and Karan have been expensive in their opening spells so far.

Live Cricket Score: Pakistanis 8/0 after 3 overs │ Batting: Azhar Ali 1(13), Ahmed Shehzad 5(5): The Pakistanis are off to a slow start in their innings after winning the toss and electing to bat first. Azhar Ali opts to open the innings with Ahmed Shehzad, who finally gets to open the innings for Pakistan after having sat out during the Tests. Meanwhile, Karan KC and Sompal Kami have opened the bowling for the Nepalis.


Pakistanis: Azhar Ali (c), Ahmed Shehzad, Mohammad Hafeez, Younis Khan, Shoaib Malik, Sarfraz Ahmed (wk), Anwar Ali, Wahab Riaz, Babar Azam, Mohammad Irfan, Yasir Shah.

Nepal: Paras Khadka (c), Gyanendra Malla, Sharad Vesawkar, Shakti Gauchan, Basant Regmi, Sompal Kami, Karan KC, Anil Mandal, Sagar Pun, Mahaboob Alam, Subash Khakurel (wk).

Toss: Pakistan win the toss and elect to bat.

“This is probably one of the best chances for Nepal to showcase our brand of cricket, more specifically as an emerging associate nation; it will also warm up everyone. I obviously am pretty excited and hyped, as are the players and fans,” Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) CEO Bhawana Ghimire was quoted as saying in an exclusive interview with CricketCountry recently.

“From the player’s perspective, every single match is important. In my opinion, after ICC T20 World Cup, this match will be a historic one,” Ghimire further added in the interview. READ: Nepal vs Pakistan match will be historic, says Bhawana Ghimire

Meanwhile, the Pakistanis are currently warming up for their upcoming matches against England after defeating them 2-0 in a three-Test series. The Tests saw the Pakistani spinners, Yasir Shah in particular, dominate the England batsman, pulling off 178-run and 127-run victories at Dubai and Sharjah respectively after the first Test at Abu Dhabi, where the current tour match will be held, was drawn.

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