‘That is how it inspires a new generation of cricketers’- Reactions after epic Cricket World Cup 2019 finale
England have won their maiden ODI World Cup (AFP Photo)

England’s epic win over New Zealand at Lord’s is being called as the greatest ICC Cricket World Cup final in history. After 612 deliveries, both teams finished on equal footing in terms of runs scored and ultimately. England lifted their maiden ODI world cup trophy on the basis of having scored more boundaries than their opponents.

After opting to bat first at the Lord’s, New Zealand seemed to have posted 241/8 which seemed like a middling total. However, their bowlers stepped up before Ben Stokes brought back his team back into the contest, forcing a tie. The contest went into Super Over and there too both teams finished on 15 runs each.

Here are few of the reactions after the sensational finale:-


This World Cup has genuinely been about Stokes the batsman. Having played a minimal role with the ball, Stokes’ bat has created ripples equivalent to Thor’s Mjolnir and Captain America’s shield. In professional wrestling, athletes, in a bid to stage a comeback use steel chairs to gain momentum and at times, even take undue advantage.