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Catch live scorecard of Match 25 of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 between Pakistan and United Arab Emirates (UAE) here

(Can Pakistan maintain their winning momentum, or will United Arab Emirates (UAE) register their maiden victory in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015? Catch live cricket scores of the match here)

So Pakistan delayed the win so long that they also missed the chance to get their Net Run Rate into the positive spectrum. UAE managed to last the 50 overs, though without taking any risks. Khurram Khan, Shaiman Anwar, and Amjad Javed batted well, but they were never really in with a chance of overhauling the total. The focal point though was Shaiman Anwar going past Chris Gayle as the leading run-scorer of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015! In case you missed the action, you can read Pramod Ananth’s match report here: Pakistan demolish United Arab Emirates (UAE) by129 runs in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, Pool B Match 25 at Napier

LIVE SCORE UAE: 210/8 | Overs 50

BATSMEN: Mohammad Naveed 0(0), Mohammad Tauqir 0(1)

Wahab Riaz will bowl the final over of this match. Swapnil Patil takes one. AND FINALLY A WICKET! Amjad Javed goes for one more slog, but he holes out to Sohail Khan in the deep. Patil slaps it away to third man for one. This is now UAE’s highest score against the top eight teams (we’re assuming West Indies isn’t excluded in this). CLEANED HIM UP! Wahab takes another!

OUT! Amjad Javed 40(32) c Sohail Khan b Wahab Riaz, Swapnil Patil 36(68) b Wahab Riaz

LIVE SCORE UAE: 206/6 | Overs 49

BATSMEN: Swapnil Patil 33(64), Amjad Javed 40(32)

Sohail Khan to bowl the penultimate over of the innings now. Amjad Javed continues to swing hard, but he isn’t making any contact. When he does though, the ball usually foes all the way. Slower ball again, inside edge this time and four to fine leg. Sohail gives four more to Javed. And inside out over covers for four more to end the over!

LIVE SCORE UAE: 198/6 | Overs 48

BATSMEN: Swapnil Patil 33(64), Amjad Javed 32(26)

Wahab Riaz continues. Amjad Javed looks to cut but misses. He goes for a huge slog, but it goes higher more than long. Mis-field in the deep now. Nasir Jamshed lets it go between his leg. FOUR more, off the outside edge this time. Wahab bowls a decent over, but Amjad Javed spoiling everyone’s party here. UAE have gone past 195, which means that Pakistan’s Net Run Rate remains negative despite what will be an eventual win.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 187/6 | Overs 47

BATSMEN: Swapnil Patil 30(62), Amjad Javed 24(22)

Rahat Ali to bowl his final over now. Swapnil Patil takes a single to start with. What can Amjad Javed do now? He tries to go big but misses. And again, good yorker. Rahat winds up again, and again misses. Single to end the over. It turns out to be an excellent over given that the last over before his cost 21. Just two runs off it.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 185/6 | Overs 46

BATSMEN: Swapnil Patil 29(61), Amjad Javed 23(17)

Sohail Khan comes back in now. SIX! Amjad Javed hits one of the biggest sixes of this match! Slower ball from Sohail, and Javed just whacks this over long-on. FOUR! Short ball, and slapped away over cover! Where was Javed all this time? Short ball again, another hoick, but this time he missed. Slower ball, and this one nearly jumped the ground! MASSIVE six to end the over!

LIVE SCORE UAE: 164/6 | Overs 45

BATSMEN: Swapnil Patil 28(60), Amjad Javed 3(12)

Two official warnings have been given to Wahab Riaz in the last over. One more and he is gone. Two singles and one dot ball. Another single, as Swapnil Patil guides it to the third man. Dot ball. Wide ball. Dot ball to end the over.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 160/6 | Overs 44

BATSMEN: Swapnil Patil 26(57), Amjad Javed 2(9)

Wahab Riaz again. He has bowled with a lot of pace again today. He just clocks one at 148 kmph! Two gullies in now. Swapnil Patil still goes for a cut but he misses. He had hit a boundary earlier in the over in the air just past the fielder. He comes around the wicket now, and Patil drives it for one. Last ball of the over now. Two for Amjad to end the over.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 153/6 | Overs 43

BATSMEN: Swapnil Patil 21(52), Amjad Javed 0(7)

Rahat Ali continues, but the TV suggested that it was Sohail Khan. Wasim Akram on commentary was quick to point out the mistake, rather indignantly I might add. Good over from Rahat, he continues to bowl on a line and length. Another dot. And another dot ball.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 150/6 | Overs 42

BATSMEN: Swapnil Patil 18(49), Amjad Javed 0(5)

Wahab Riaz again. He starts off with a wide ball, they run one as well. Swapnil Patil faces four dot balls. Now he takes a couple. And another single to end the over. It was nicely played, but Shahid Afridi fields it well. Another good over.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 145/6 | Overs 41

BATSMEN: Swapnil Patil 15(43), Amjad Javed 0(5)

Shahid Afridi again. He will bowl out now. And he ends with a maiden over! Superb bowling. Swapnil Patil learned his trade in Mumbai, so he has played his fair share of spinners. But in the 41st over of an ODI he is unable to score a run off a spinner. He’s battling to survive.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 145/6 | Overs 40

BATSMEN: Swapnil Patil 15(37), Amjad Javed 0(5)

Wahab Riaz continues. He starts off with one down the leg side. Swapnil gets it down to fine leg. Couple of dot balls. And another single. Two more dot balls to end the over. Another tidy over from Wahab. UAE need a lot of runs to win and not a lot of balls to score them in. READ: Shaiman Anwar dismissed for 62 against Pakistan in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, Pool B match 22 at Napier

LIVE SCORE UAE: 142/6 | Overs 39

BATSMEN: Swapnil Patil 12(33), Amjad Javed 0(2)

Shahid Afridi continues. AND HE GETS HIS MAN! Finally, Lala has his man! And what’s more, that’s Big Nas with the catch! Nasir Jamshed doesn’t drop it, and Lala can finally celebrate. Shaiman ends his innings as the leading run-scorer of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Rohan Mustafa comes in. OH ANOTHER ONE! When it rains, it pours! Rohan Mustafa sweeps this into the hands of Ahmed Shehzad! Afridi takes his second.

OUT! Shaiman Anwar 62(88) c Nasir Jamshed b Shahid Afridi, Rohan Mustafa 0(2) c Ahmed Shehzad b Shahid Afridi

LIVE SCORE UAE: 140/4 | Overs 38

BATSMEN: Shaiman Anwar 62(87), Swapnil Patil 12(33)

Rahat Ali again. He continues to bowl well. Oh dear, Sohail Khan gets to the ball well, but then lets it go and touch the ropes. Poor effort it must be said. Patil goes for another swipe, and is beaten comprehensively. Rahat is getting good carry even in the 38th over. Good job. It’s obvious which way this match is going. Both teams just going through the motions.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 136/4 | Overs 37

BATSMEN: Shaiman Anwar 62(87), Swapnil Patil 8(27)

Shahid Afridi is back. What can Lala do? Shaiman Anwar is on strike. He’s the leading run-scorer of the tournament now by the way. Swapnil Patil on strike. He defends. And another dot. Just two runs off that over, Lala’s wait for a wicket continues. What more can he possibly do?

LIVE SCORE UAE: 134/4 | Overs 36

BATSMEN: Shaiman Anwar 61(85), Swapnil Patil 7(23)

Rahat Ali back into the attack now. The batting powerplay has been taken as well. Rahat’s fastest ball has been over 144 kmph, but his average speed is only in the late 130s. UAE have once again done admirably with the bat. It was only that combustion against India that did them a disservice.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 127/4 | Overs 33

BATSMEN: Shaiman Anwar 55(78), Swapnil Patil 6(12)

Haris Sohail continues. Swapnil Patil on strike. ONE. Played down to mid-off. DOT. Shaiman Anwar defends. FOUR! That is yet another half-century for Shaiman Anwar, it’s the third time in four innings that he has gone past 50 in this tournament! Great work from Shaiman. FOUR! This one is thrashed over cover, it just about reaches the ropes.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 117/4 | Overs 32

BATSMEN: Shaiman Anwar 46(73), Swapnil Patil 5(11)

Sohaib Maqsood continues, Swapnil Patil on strike. DOT. Defended back to the bowler. ONE. Pulled away. ONE. Down the ground. ONE. Down the track and one more. DOT. Looks to go big, fails. TWO. In the air over cover but drops safe.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 112/4 | Overs 31

BATSMEN: Shaiman Anwar 43(70), Swapnil Patil 3(8)

Haris Sohail to Swapnil Patil. DOT. Defended. ONE. Driven down the ground. DOT. Defends. ONE. Down the ground. DOT. Straight to mid-off. ONE. To deep cover. Another good tidy over. Haris Sohail bowling well.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 109/4 | Overs 30

BATSMEN: Shaiman Anwar 42(68), Swapnil Patil 1(4)

Sohaib Maqsood again. Khurram Khan sweeps this one but it goes straight into the hands of square leg! Khurram is out for an excellent 43 off 54 balls. Wahab Riaz accepts the catch gratefully. Swapnil Patil comes in at No. 6. He has not had the best of times recently. He gets off the mark with a nice drive down the ground.

OUT! Khurram Khan 43(54) c Wahab Riaz b Sohaib Maqsood

LIVE SCORE UAE: 108/3 | Overs 29

BATSMEN: Khurram Khan 43(52), Shaiman Anwar 42(68)

Haris Sohail comes on now. Pakistan are bringing in all their part-timers. SHOT! Shaiman on the charge! He sweeps this one in the air but it’s safely out of reach of the fielders. Oh great ball to end the over with, that one went on with the arm but Shaiman survives.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 103/3 | Overs 28

BATSMEN: Khurram Khan 42(50), Shaiman Anwar 38(64)

Sohaib Maqsood continues. Shaiman Anwar continues to bat well. OH SHOT! Sohaib around the wicket gives the ball some air, and Shaiman steps out and drives this in the air over long-off for six. Great shot! He needs to get his strike rate up a bit though, it’s still sub-par.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 92/3 | Overs 26

BATSMEN: Khurram Khan 39(48), Shaiman Anwar 30(54)

WIDE. Down the leg. ONE. Flicks to leg. DOT. Plays down leg, what are they playing at? DOT. Steers, but unable to go past third-man. ONE. Plays an off-drive, easy run, but they need more. DOT. Tries to get off to the leg, but cannot place. DOT. Plays to backward-point, no run.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 89/3 | Overs 25

BATSMEN: Khurram Khan 38(45), Shaiman Anwar 29(51)

DOT. Khurram tries to steer it, cannot place. ONE. Tries to place through mid-wicket, they change ends. TWO. Cuts, and finally pierces the gap, good, flat throw. ONE. Off-drives, easy single. ONE. Some initiative? One bounce to deep mid-wicket. DOT. On-drives, no run.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 84/3 | Overs 24

BATSMEN: Khurram Khan 36(42), Shaiman Anwar 26(48)

DOT. Bouncer, Shaiman duicks. DOT. Tries to flick, but no run. DOT. Shuffles across, again no run. DOT. This time he connects, buit backward-point flies to field it. DOT. Tries to pull, but to no avail. DOT. Tries to play a cute stroke to third-man, no contact. Read the fifty-run partnership report here.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 84/3 | Overs 23

BATSMEN: Khurram Khan 36(42), Shaiman Anwar 26(42)

Shahid Afridi continues. Dot ball to Shaiman Anwar to start off with. Afridi zipping through his overs, he is not giving the batsmen a chance to breathe. Shaiman gets a single, as does Khurram. Shaiman takes another single to end the over. Three runs off it.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 81/3 | Overs 22

BATSMEN: Khurram Khan 35(40), Shaiman Anwar 24(38)

Wahab Riaz again. He will be looking to hurry the batsmen and bounce them out. Shaiman Anwar and Khurram Khan put on their 50-run stand with a single for Shaiman. OH SHOT! SIX! Short ball from Wahab, and Khurram plays a delicious pull shot, six over square leg! Khurram Khan, where have you been all these years?

LIVE SCORE UAE: 72/3 | Overs 21

BATSMEN: Khurram Khan 29(38), Shaiman Anwar 21(34)

Shahid Afridi continues. Just to build on what I was saying in the last over, Afridi’s lack of penetration is clearly hampering Pakistan. He used to be their most reliable hand in the middle overs, but now he’s almost serving as a sixth bowler. He needs to pull his weight here. Good over, just two runs off it.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 70/3 | Overs 20

BATSMEN: Khurram Khan 27(32), Shaiman Anwar 21(34)

Wahab Riaz again. Starts off with two dot balls to Shaiman Anwar. Now he takes a couple. One more for Shaiman. Dot ball to Khurram Khan. And he ends the over with another single. Great stuff from the Pakistani bowlers, they might not be taking wickets but they aren’t giving anything away either.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 66/3 | Overs 19

BATSMEN: Khurram Khan 26(30), Shaiman Anwar 18(30)

Shahid Afridi continues. He has been in lacklustre form with the ball so far, which is a far cry from what he managed to do in the 2011 World Cup where he was the joint leading wicket-taker of the tournament with Zaheer Khan. FOUR! Lovely shot from Khurram Khan to end the over with, slapped away through covers.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 58/3 | Overs 18

BATSMEN: Khurram Khan 20(26), Shaiman Anwar 16(28)

Wahab Riaz continues now. Khurram Khan takes a single to start off. Dot ball to Shaiman Anwar. And one more to Shaiman. Short ball to Khurram Khan and he pulls, but finds no timing. Six runs coming off that over, and this pair seems to have settled down nicely. They should look to put on another 100 at least.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 51/3 | Overs 17

BATSMEN: Khurram Khan 16(23), Shaiman Anwar 13(25)

Shahid Lala Boom Boom Afridi comes into the attack now. Wide ball to start with. One to Shaiman Anwar. Khurram Khan takes one as well. And another single to Shaiman. One more for Khurram. Five runs off that over including the wide. Afridi is seven wickets away from 400 in ODIs.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 46/3 | Overs 16

BATSMEN: Khurram Khan 14(20), Shaiman Anwar 11(22)

Wahab Riaz is into the attack now. He has perhaps been the pick of the bowlers in the World Cup for Pakistan so far. He starts off really well to Khurram Khan, bowls four dot balls in a row. Then he finds the inside edge that just went past the inside edge and into the fine leg boundary. Khurram will consider himself lucky there. Final delivery now. No run. Drinks on the field now.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 42/3 | Overs 15

BATSMEN: Khurram Khan 10(14), Shaiman Anwar 11(22)

Rahat Ali continues. Khurram Khan takes a single. Shaiman Anawar on strike now. He’s getting the ball on the bat now, but he is having trouble rotating the strike. He plays out five dot balls, so just the one run off that over. UAE are going nowhere at the moment. Khurram and Shaiman need to get going.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 41/3 | Overs 14

BATSMEN: Khurram Khan 9(13), Shaiman Anwar 11(17)

Sohail Khan continues. And Shaiman Anwar starts the over with three more dot balls. Oh he finally gets one away! Four through point, it was a good shot. Right out of the screws. Sohail follows up with a bumper. Anwar ducks. Short outside off, and that has been absolutely massacred by Shaiman! Six to end the over!

LIVE SCORE UAE: 31/3 | Overs 13

BATSMEN: Khurram Khan 9(13), Shaiman Anwar 1(11)

Rahat Ali continues. Khurram Khan takes a single off the first ball. Shaiman Anwar has yet to score a run, he’s faced nine balls now. Shoulders arms to Rahat. Swishes and misses again. Rahat bowling well, and Shaiman looking rather uneasy at the moment. And a single to end the over.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 29/3 | Overs 12

BATSMEN: Khurram Khan 8(12), Shaiman Anwar 0(6)

Sohail Khan continues. He goes past Shaiman Anwar’s outside edge. Good bowling from him throughout this match so far. He goes past Anwar’s outside edge again. Good bowling once again. Five dot balls to start the over. And Shaiman defends off the last ball, so it’s a maiden from Sohail.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 29/3 | Overs 11

BATSMEN: Khurram Khan 8(12), Shaiman Anwar 0(0)

Rahat Ali continues. And Khurram Khan slashes the first ball for four. It was a poor delivery, and got the treatment. Khurram is probably UAE’s best batsman, while Shaiman Anwar is their most in-form one. If any pair can stick it out, it’s this one. Tidy over from Rahat following that boundary. READ: Krishna Karate dismissed for a duck against Pakistan in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, Pool B match 22 at Napier

LIVE SCORE UAE: 25/3 | Overs 10

BATSMEN: Khurram Khan 4(6)

Sohail Khan continues. Just one to Khurram Khan off the first ball. Krishna Karate on strike. And he plays out four dot balls. Wide ball this time from Sohail, it’s too short. AND ANOTHER ONE DOWN! Krishna Karate unable to get to the pitch of the ball, he finds the outside edge through to Umar Akmal.

OUT! Krishna Karate 0(11) c Umar Akmal b Sohail Khan

LIVE SCORE UAE: 20/2 | Overs 8

BATSMEN: Krishna Karate 0(4), Khurram Khan 0(1)

Sohail Khan again. Dot ball to Andri Raffaelo Berenger. And another dot. OH HE HAS HIS MAN THIS TIME! Both openers back in the hut! Sohail gets this one to kiss the outside edge as Andri walks back. Khurram Khan walks out to take strike now. READ: United Arab Emirates (UAE) openers dismissed early against Pakistan in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, Pool B Match 22 at Napier

OUT! Andri Raffaelo Berenger 2(13) c Umar Akmal b Sohail Khan

LIVE SCORE UAE: 19/1 | Overs 7

BATSMEN: Andri Raffaelo Berenger 1(9), Krishna Karate 0(2)

Rahat Ali comes into the attack now. Amjad Ali gets an inside edge to fine leg and gets two for it. AND HE HAS HIS MAN! Rahat breaches Amjad’s defences, it was a loose leave, took the inside edge and knocked over the stumps! That brings in Krishna Karate to the middle. His numbers are far from impressive, but with a name like Karate you know you’re in for something!

OUT! Amjad Ali 14(30) b Rahat Ali

LIVE SCORE UAE: 15/0 | Overs 6

BATSMEN: Amjad Ali 12(27), Andri Raffaelo Berenger 1(9)

Sohail Khan again. Oh lovely shot from Amjad Ali, he drives this one straight down the ground for the first boundary of the innings. Short ball, and this time Amjad whips this away in an Adam Gilchrist-like pick-up pull to fine leg for four more. Amjad’s strike rate shoots up to just short of 50. Sohail follows up with a wide ball, it was too short.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 6/0 | Overs 5

BATSMEN: Amjad Ali 4(21), Andri Raffaelo Berenger 1(9)

Mohammad Irfan continues. He’s bowling at an average speed of 140 kmph. Amjad Ali is hopping while facing him. And understandably so. He manages to get one down fine leg though. Amjad Ali playing a Misbah-esque innings. Not Misbah from today, mind.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 5/0 | Overs 4

BATSMEN: Amjad Ali 3(17), Andri Raffaelo Berenger 1(7)

Sohail Khan continues. The two UAE openers are just about managing to survive here. Sohail is helping them by bowling on their pads, but even then they aren’t able to get the ball off the square. Just two runs off the over. Another good one for Pakistan. UAE getting off to a start similar to the one Pakistan were off to.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 3/0 | Overs 3

BATSMEN: Amjad Ali 2(14), Andri Raffaelo Berenger 0(4)

Mohammad Irfan lumbers in again. He sends down a bouncer that reaches the ‘keeper before Amjad Ali managed to finish the pull shot! Irfan has looked like a real threat over the last couple of games. Umar took that last one near his face. Short ball again, defended awkwardly by Amjad. Maiden over.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 3/0 | Overs 2

BATSMEN: Amjad Ali 2(8), Andri Raffaelo Berenger 0(4)

Sohail Khan starts proceedings with the second new ball. Amjad Ali plays one to point and the fielder has a shy at the stumps. As a result, UAE get a run where there was none earlier. Good over from Sohail so far. He needs to adjust his line though, he’s bowling a little too much on the pads.

LIVE SCORE UAE: 1/0 | Overs 1

BATSMEN: Amjad Ali 1(5), Andri Raffaelo Berenger 0(1)

Mohammad Irfan comes steaming in with the new ball. Amjad Ali on strike. And it’s a dot ball to begin with. Four dot balls, and then Amjad plays a short one off his ribs for one. Nasir Jamshed at short leg doesn’t move an inch though the ball was not that far from him. Great ball to end with, and a good leave from Raffaelo.

For once Pakistan have crossed 300 in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015! Ahmed Shehzad scored 93, Haris Sohail hit 70, Misbah-ul-Haq hammered (yes, hammered) 65, while Sohaib Maqsood and Shahid Afridi used their long handles quite nicely. Pakistan started really slowly, but they managed to pick up the pace toward the end. In case you missed out on any of the action, you can read Pramod Ananth’s innings report here: Pakistan set United Arab Emirates (UAE) a target of 340 in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, Pool B match at Napier

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 339/6 | Overs 50

BATSMEN: Shahid Afridi 21(7), Wahab Riaz 6(1)

Amjad Javed to bowl the final over. Shahid Afridi on 7,999 ODI runs on strike. SIX! Smacked over covers in typical fashion, and Lala doesn’t even run for it! Driven to long-off for two more. SIX! And again outside off, and again Lala gets it away over covers! FOUR! Afridi doesn’t bother keeping this one down either, but it falls just short of the fence. Final ball of the final over of the innings. And one to end the over. That’s 20 runs off the over.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 319/6 | Overs 49

BATSMEN: Shahid Afridi 1(1), Wahab Riaz 6(1)

Manjula Guruge continues, bowling the penultimate over of the innings. Misbah on strike. And he starts off with a couple. Misbah on the way to 5,000 ODI runs. He’s a couple of hits away! He takes a single of this ball. OUT! Oh dear, Umar Akmal hits this one really well but it finds the fielder! OUT! Misbah departs this time! And Guruge on a hat-trick. Lala on strike. And he takes one. Afridi is just a run away from 8,000 runs! Wahab Riaz on strike now. SIX! What a hit! Right out of the middle of the bat over long-on for a massive six!

OUT! Umar Akmal 19(13) c Amjad Ali b Manjula Guruge, Misbah-ul-Haq 65(49) c Rohan Mustafa b Manjula Guruge

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 309/4 | Overs 48

BATSMEN: Misbah-ul-Haq 62(46), Umar Akmal 19(12)

Three more overs to go. Single and Misbah comes back to the strike. Good bowling from Javed Ahmed. Only two singles till now. Two full deliveries on the offside. Akmal back on strike. Tosses the next on the cow corner and DROPPED! Akmal is saved. Five singles off the over till now. Misbah scanning the field. Probably will go for the big hit. But settles for one.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 303/4 | Overs 47

BATSMEN: Misbah-ul-Haq 59(43), Umar Akmal 16(9)

Misbah tosses one to the third man and he takes a single and rotates the strike to Umar Akmal. Akmal smashes the next ball for a huge six over long-on. One handed catch by the spectator. Single to Akmal and Misbah on strike. No ball, way above waist and the ball rushes to the boundary. 300 up for Pakistan. 19 runs from the over.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 284/4 | Overs 46

BATSMEN: Misbah-ul-Haq 50(39), Umar Akmal 7(6)

Rohan Mustafa continues. Dot ball to start with. FOUR, Misbah plays the reverse sweep. Good shot. Wide. Oh dear, that has gone for four wides. FOUR more, great shot! Swept to square leg. Excellent shot from Misbah. Another productive over for Pakistan. One to end with, and that brings up Misbah’s 50 off only 39 balls. TukTuk, anybody?

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 268/4 | Overs 45

BATSMEN: Misbah-ul-Haq 41(33), Umar Akmal 7(6)

Mohammad Naveed continues now. Singles off the first two balls, but Umar Akmal can’t get the third ball away. Oh shot, he picks up the fourth ball through square leg for four. Oh dear, it’s a full toss this time and Umar doesn’t make contact. They run across for a leg-bye. But UAE have gone for a review. And it’s not out. Way down leg. Good yorker to end the over, and Misbah takes one.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 260/4 | Overs 44

BATSMEN: Misbah-ul-Haq 39(31), Umar Akmal 2(2)

Umar Akmal is the new batsman. Rohan Mustafa is rewarded for his catch with an over at the death. Five singles off the first five balls, but Misbah-ul-Haq finds the square leg boundary off the final delivery to make it a nine-run over. He has batted well so far. Just shows what he can do when Pakistan aren’t crumbling.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 251/4 | Overs 43

BATSMEN: Misbah-ul-Haq 26(23)

Manjula Guruge continues. Misbah looking to wind up, but he misses. And again, another wind-up, but it’s a slower ball and he defends it. When in doubt… SIX! This time he picks the third ball off his pads for six. Lovely shot. Good yorker, just one. Misbah once again moves toward the off side. SIX! This time Sohaib Maqsood gives it everything. It’s into the car park for a 97-metre six. And they have lost the ball too. OUT! Maqsood absolutely smashes this, and Rohan Mustafa looks like a deer in headlights. He manages to collect the ball on the fifth attempt and rubs his chest afterward. If it hit him on the full he would have been on his way to a hospital. Good thing his hands came in the way.

OUT! Sohaib Maqsood 45(31) c Rohan Mustafa b Manjula Guruge

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 238/3 | Overs 42

BATSMEN: Sohaib Maqsood 39(29), Misbah-ul-Haq 26(23)

Krishna Karate continues to bowl his eighth over. Misbah plays a lovely cut shot that looked four from the moment it left that bat, but it was well fielded at point. SIX! Misbah plays his trademark down-on-one-knee slog over midwicket! Super shot. SIX! And another one, this time Sohaib Maqsood goes over long-off to end the over in style!

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 221/3 | Overs 41

BATSMEN: Sohaib Maqsood 31(27), Misbah-ul-Haq 17(19)

Manjula Guruge comes back into the attack. One off the first ball. And Misbah moves to the off stump and gets one to fine leg. Sohaib Maqsood takes another single. Slower ball, and another single. Another slog for one. Pakistan are trying to go for gold here, but they aren’t quite getting it away.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 215/3 | Overs 40

BATSMEN: Sohaib Maqsood 28(24), Misbah-ul-Haq 14(16)

Krishna Karate continues. And Misbah-ul-Haq plays the most amazing slog I’ve ever seen. Amazing because it went high and long to midwicket and just stopped after pitching! It was almost like he played a forward defence at deep midwicket. Five off the first five balls. And another single to end the over, another tight one from Karate.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 209/3 | Overs 39

BATSMEN: Sohaib Maqsood 26(22), Misbah-ul-Haq 10(12)

Amjad Javed continues. Sohaib Maqsood gets four off his pads down fine leg off the second ball. Oh dear oh dear, that was a terrible delivery! Jamved drifts outside leg stump this time, and Maqsood says “thanks very much, I’ll take four.” He isn’t learning! Another one on his pads, Maqsood gets this above fine leg for another boundary to end the over!

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 196/3 | Overs 38

BATSMEN: Sohaib Maqsood 14(18), Misbah-ul-Haq 9(10)

Krishna Karate resumes. Misbah defends the first two balls, then pulls this away for a couple. Dot ball, but he takes a single to follow up with. And another dot ball to end the over. Just three off that over. Hardly surprising. This is Karate after all. Expect him to bowl a few maidens to Misbah!

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 193/3 | Overs 37

BATSMEN: Sohaib Maqsood 14(17), Misbah-ul-Haq 6(5)

Amjad Javed continues now. Sohaib Maqsood takes two off the first ball, it was a loose one to begin with. Short ball, and this time Maqsood swings this away to the leg side! Midwicket was interested, but the ball went over his head. Misbah takes a single, and Maqsood gets two more off the last ball, nicely played.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 183/3 | Overs 36

BATSMEN: Sohaib Maqsood 5(12), Misbah-ul-Haq 5(4)

Krishna Karate continues. He has bowled a good spell so far, a bit on the expensive side but given that he has bowled in the powerplay he has done well. And then of course, there’s his name. It automatically qualifies him for a medal of some sort. Six more runs off that over, all in ones in twos.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 177/3 | Overs 35

BATSMEN: Sohaib Maqsood 3(9), Misbah-ul-Haq 1(1)

Naveed continues. OH AND THAT’S A RUN OUT FIRST BALL! He was going for the second run, and dives in but the bat hit the ground and popped up. It was over the line but in the air, and Shehzad is out in the 90s. In comes Misbah-ul-Haq. Naveed continues to bowl a good spell. Just two runs and a wicket off that over. READ: Pakistan lose Ahmed Shehzad, Haris Sohail in quick succession.

OUT! Ahmed Shehzad 93(105) run out

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 170/2 | Overs 33

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 88(100), Sohaib Maqsood 0(1)

Mohammad Naveed comes back into the attack now. He has bowled really well today, as he has bowled throughout this tournament. One for Ahmed Shehzad to start with. One more for Haris Sohail. And another single for Shehzad. AND HE GETS HIS MAN! Short ball, and this is the second left-hander to get out to a mis-hit pull shot today! Good innings from Haris Sohail, but he has been dismissed by Mohammad Naveed for 70. Sohaib Maqsood comes in at No. 4 for Pakistan.

OUT! Haris Sohail 70(83) c Shaiman Anwar b Mohammad Naveed

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 167/1 | Overs 32

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 88(100), Haris Sohail 69(80)

Krishna Karate continues. He is bowling nicely. Oh shot, Haris Sohail steps out smashes this over midwicket for four. Haris takes a single now. And now Ahmed Shehzad steps out again and drives this over long-off. Two runs for that. Good over for Pakistan, 10 runs coming off it. Good powerplay for them so far.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 157/1 | Overs 31

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 83(97), Haris Sohail 64(77)

Mohammad Tauqir bowing himself out now. And the batsmen have taken the batting powerplay too. Good, aggressive move from the Pakistanis. Can they back it up though? Good shot, that’s four for Ahmed Shehzad toward fine leg. Good batting from him. Nine runs off that over.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 148/1 | Overs 30

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 77(94), Haris Sohail 61(74)

Krishna Karate continues. Am I the only one who expects him to bowl with nanchucks and a katana? Anyway, Ahmed Shehzad gets a boundary to let off some steam. On nicely played, he opens the face of the bat and gets it down to third man for three. Eight runs off that over. Another good one for Pakistan.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 140/1 | Overs 29

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 70(88), Haris Sohail 60(73)

Mohammad Taiqur into his ninth over. Ahmed Shehzad gets the most undeserving four in the history of undeserving fours! The fielder at deep midwicket messed up royally, missed the catch, and went on to concede the boundary. Shoddy fielding indeed. It’s a good result for Pakistan though.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 134/1 | Overs 28

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 60(73), Haris Sohail 60(73)

Krishna Karate, the man who has the most badass name in the World Cup, comes into the attack now. You always want someone named Karate in your side. Nevermind how well or badly he plays, you see a guy named Karate bowling at you, you feel nervous! He’s a right-arm medium-pace. Just two runs came off that over. Not quite deadly, but he makes up for it with his name.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 126/1 | Overs 26

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 59(74), Haris Sohail 58(70)

Khurram Khan again. Short ball, and Ahmed Shehzad smacks this for four. Haris Sohail is looking tidy, but his strike rate has dipped after the initial boom. He finally steps out and goes over midwicket with the turn, that’s the second six of the innings! Great shot from Haris! Big over, 13 runs off it.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 113/1 | Overs 25

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 53(71), Haris Sohail 51(67)

Mohammad Tauqir continues. Ahmed Shehzad looks to back away and cut, gets an inside edge that goes to fine leg. Very close for Shehzad. And now Haris Sohail picks up a couple. There was a bit of a mix-up which nearly resulted in a wicket but they survived. That’s the 100 of the partnership and also Sohail’s 50! READ: Ahmed Shehzad, Haris Sohail score half-centuries against UAE in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 101/1 | Overs 24

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 49(66), Haris Sohail 44(60)

Khurram Khan continues. And Ahmed Shehzad scores his first World Cup fifty. This has been a decent innings, but unless he goes on to get a big hundred it will be a waste. Khurram concedes six runs off that over, which is more than he usually gives. Haris Sohail moves on to 48 as well. The 100-run stand approaches as well.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 101/1 | Overs 23

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 49(66), Haris Sohail 44(60)

Mohammad Tauqir continues. And Haris Sohail takes a single to bring up the 100 for Pakistan. Ahmed Shehzad takes a single and moves on to 49. Sohail takes another single. Another tidy one from Tauqir. Just two runs coming from that over. Shehzad remains on 49 after failing to take a single off the last ball.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 99/1 | Overs 22

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 48(65), Haris Sohail 42(55)

Khurram Khan comes into the attack now. Between him and Mohammad Tauqir, UAE have the two oldest players at the World Cup. And their experience has showed in their performances so far. Khurram has a nice action, almost like a classical off-spinner except that he’s a left-hander. Two runs off the over.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 89/1 | Overs 20

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 41(56), Haris Sohail 39(52)

Amjad Javed again. One run off the over, it’s another tight one. UAE are bowling well, and for some reason Pakistan have lost all the momentum they had worked so hard to build up. Two steps forward five steps back at the moment for Pakistan. On the bright side, they aren’t yet five down by the 20th over.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 88/1 | Overs 19

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 41(56), Haris Sohail 38(46)

Mohammad Tauqir continues to bowl. And once again he hurries through his over. Thankfully there isn’t a spinner from the other end as well, which means updating this blog becomes that much more difficult. As it happens, he concedes three off that over. Haris Sohail took one and Ahmed Shehzad picked up a couple.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 85/1 | Overs 18

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 39(54), Haris Sohail 37(42)

Amjad Javed again. Haris Sohail gets a single. Ahmed Shehzad tries to hit this one out of Napier and into Brisbane. He gets it to point instead. This time the cut is more controlled, two more. And another couple of runs to end the over, which means that’s five runs off that over. Another good one.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 80/1 | Overs 17

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 35(50), Haris Sohail 36(40)

Mohammad Tauqir continues now. Two dots to start the over, but Haris Sohail takes a single off the third. Ahmed Shehzad takes one, and Haris picks up a couple more off the penultimate delivery. And one more run to end the over. Slightly expensive one given Tauqir’s high standards, five runs off it.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 75/1 | Overs 16

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 34(49), Haris Sohail 32(35)

Amjad Javed continues. And another good start, Haris Sohail defends. Just one off the first five balls of the over, but Ahmed Shehzad finally opens up off the last ball. He stepped out early, and scythed the ball high and long over long-on for the first six of the match! Finally some intent from Shehzad.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 68/1 | Overs 15

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 28(46), Haris Sohail 31(32)

Mohammad Tauqir continues. And he zips through the over, conceding just two runs. By the time I drank a sip water he had bowled two balls! Ravindra Jadeja would be proud. Two to end the over, which means just four runs off it. Another tight one.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 64/1 | Overs 14

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 24(38), Haris Sohail 29(28)

Amjad Javed continues. He has proven to be a useful all-rounder for UAE in the World Cup so far. Haris Sohail takes a single off the third ball of the over, and Ahmed Shehzad ends the over with a single off his pads. Literally off his pads, he got an inside edge. And now it’s time for drinks.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 62/1 | Overs 13

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 24(38), Haris Sohail 29(28)

Skipper Mohammad Tauqir comes into the attack now. He has been quite impressive in the tournament, very classical off-spinner who gives the ball some air and gets it to turn a little. Ahmed Shehzad and Haris Sohail can only tap him around for four runs. It also brings up the 50-run stand between the pair off 59 balls.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 46/1 | Overs 11

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 21(35), Haris Sohail 18(19)

Mohammad Naveed into his sixth over. And he causes Ahmed Shehzad a bit of trouble, short ball outside off results in another mis-hit pull shot. Luckily for Shehzada the ball lands short of the fielder. He then tries to step out and slam him over covers, but can only get the bottom of the bat. Another good over.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 41/1 | Overs 10

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 20(32), Haris Sohail 14(16)

Manjula Guruge continues, but loses his line. Drifts onto Ahmed Shehzad’s pads, and that’s four. Another one on the pads, but this time Shehzad can’t get it past short fine leg. Wide down the leg side. Guruge seems to think Nasir Jamshed is still on strike. Wake up, Manjula! You can’t dream while bowling! Shehzad steps out and whacks this one over long-off for four. Superb effort from Khurram again, he’s fielding like a man half his age. It looked like he pulled the ball back, but the benefit went to the batsman, as it usually does.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 31/1 | Overs 9

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 12(26), Haris Sohail 14(16)

Mohammad Naveed continues. Haris Sohail plays a good looking cover drive that pulls up just short of the boundary. Ahmed Shehzad DROPPED! Andri Raffaelo Berenger drop a fairly straightforward diving catch at point. UAE once again fail to latch on to a catch. Another chance that goes a-begging. And now Haris drives away from the body, gets an outside edge that would have been swallowed by slip. In stead its four.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 23/1 | Overs 8

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 11(25), Haris Sohail 7(11)

Manjula Guruge into his fourth over. Ahmed Shehzad drives that one in the air, and DROPPED! But that was terrific fielding from the young Khurram Khan. Really harsh to call it a drop, it was a great effort. Shehzad only gets a couple. Haris Sohail manages to get a boundary by hoicking the ball away with all his heart and soul.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 15/1 | Overs 7

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 8(22), Haris Sohail 2(8)

Mohammad Naveed continues his impressive spell. He is bowling the type of line and length that would make Umesh Yadav a lethal bowler in any format. Ahmed Shehzad takes a single thanks to a stray widish ball, but that ought to have gone for four. Haris Sohail plays out two dots to end with, which makes it one run off that over.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 14/1 | Overs 6

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 7(18), Haris Sohail 2(6)

Manjula Guruge again. Ahmed Shehzad picks up another single. This has been a poor start from Pakistan. Good pitch to bat on, less than threatening bowling, but an overly defensive mind-set. Haris manages to get a couple thanks to a mis-field from Rohan Mustafa. Pakistan’s crawl continues.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 11/1 | Overs 5

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 6(15), Haris Sohail 0(3)

Mohammad Naveed continues, and beats Ahmed Shehzad comprehensively. He might not be express pace, but this guy bowls some nagging lines. Shehzad meanwhile looks edgy out there. Not Nasir Jamshed level edgy, but edgy nonetheless. Another single-run over.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 10/1 | Overs 4

BATSMEN: Ahmed Shehzad 5(9), Haris Sohail 0(3)

Manjula Guruge again. And Nasir Jamshed plays a nice little clip off his pads, gets two more runs. AND HE THROWS IT AWAY! Nasir top-edges a pull and gets out. Where have we heard that before? Haris Sohail comes in now. Everyone quick, tune in to Nasir Jamshed’s (fake) Twitter account!

OUT! Nasir Jamshed 4(12) c Khurram Khan b Manjula Guruge

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 8/0 | Overs 3

BATSMEN: Nasir Jamshed 2(9), Ahmed Shehzad 5(9)

Mohammad Naveed continues. Nasir Jamshed will continue to face. He can’t get it away though, a mis-field at square leg finally gets him another run. He has already doubled his run tally at the World Cup. Which really doesn’t say a lot. Ahmed Shehzad on strike now. He has not had a great World Cup either. Just the one run off that over.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 7/0 | Overs 2

BATSMEN: Nasir Jamshed 1(5), Ahmed Shehzad 5(7)

Manjula Guruge continues now. The left-arm pacer has bowled quite well so far in this World Cup. Ahmed Shehzad is on strike. He starts off with five dot balls in a row before unleashing the kind of pull shot that makes people rate him as highly as Virat Kohli. Four runs off that over.

LIVE SCORE Pakistan: 3/0 | Overs 1

BATSMEN: Nasir Jamshed 1(5), Ahmed Shehzad 1(1)

Time to start proceedings now. Mohammad Naveed to bowl to Ahmed Shehzad and Nasir Jamshed. And Big Nas is away! With a single. What are the odds that he won’t be out playing a pull shot today? Shehzada gets off the mark with a single as well. Good over to start off with, just the three runs off it.


TOSS: UAE have won the toss and elected to bowl first. Nasir Jamshed gets another game. I think like the rest of us, Misbah-ul-Haq enjoys the parody account so much that he keeps letting him play. Meanwhile, Shahid Afridi is on the verge of 8,000 ODI runs and 400 wickets (though he might take a while to get the latter). Misbah is nearing 5,000 runs as well.


UAE: Amjad Ali, Andri Raffaelo Berenger, Krishna Karate, Khurram Khan, Shaiman Anwar, Swapnil Patil (wk), Rohan Mustafa, Amjad Javed, Mohammad Naveed, Mohammad Tauqir (c), Manjula Guruge.

Pakistan: Misbah-ul-Haq (c), Ahmed Shehzad, Nasir Jamshed, Haris Sohail,  Sohaib Maqsood, Umar Akmal (wk), Shahid Afridi, Wahab Riaz,  Sohail Khan, Rahat Ali, Mohammad Irfan.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of Match 25 of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 between Pakistan and UAE at Napier. I am Shiamak Unwalla and I will bring you live updates from this match. Pakistan finally opened their account in their last match — played just a couple of days ago — against Zimbabwe, and will be hoping to continue their winning momentum. SCORECARD: Pakistan vs UAE in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

UAE started the World Cup on an impressive note, putting in good performances with the bat against Zimbabwe and Ireland. However, their inexperience was thoroughly exploited by a relentless Indian attack in their previous encounter.This match therefore becomes crucial for both teams. Top 10 batsmen in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Pakistan were boosted by an excellent all-round performance by Wahab Riaz, who made his maiden ODI half-century, and then snared four wickets as well. He will be one of the key players for Pakistan. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Pool-wise Team Standings

Pakistani skipper Misbah-ul-Haq has come under a lot of fire due to his captaincy and his slow batting, but his half-century ensured that Pakistan managed to put on a winning total. Rahat Ali and Mohammad Irfan too had a good outing against Zimbabwe, with the latter picking up four big wickets against Zimbabwe. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Wahab Riaz aiming to become genuine all-rounder

The main worry for Pakistan remains their batting. Nasir Jamshed has had a terrible tournament so far, and ought to be dropped in favour of Sarfraz Ahmed. Sarfraz is also a specialist wicketkeeper, which could mean that Pakistan can play an extra bowler or batsman by dropping another under-performing batsman. Yasir Shah deserves a game, as Pakistan’s spin bowling has yet to light the World Cup ablaze. Top 10 bowlers in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

UAE have many problems of their own that they must address. Batting is their strength, although the hammering they took against India will surely give them something to think about. Khurram Khan and UAE’s centurion against Ireland, Shaiman Anwar, are the two key batsmen in their line-up. The team will hope that at least one of them comes good against Pakistan. Top 10 fielders in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015


Pakistan: Misbah-ul-Haq (c), Sarfraz Ahmed (wk), Shahid Afridi, Ahmed Shehzad, Mohammad Hafeez, Younis Khan, Haris Sohail, Umar Akmal, Mohammad Irfan, Rahat Ali, Ehsan Adil, Sohaib Maqsood, Yasir Shah, Sohail Khan, Wahab Riaz.

United Arab Emirates (UAE): Mohammed Tauqir (c), Khurram Khan, Andri Berenger, Krishna Karate, Saqlain Haider, Shaiman Anwar, Swapnil Patil (wk), Rohan Mustafa, Kamran Shahzad, Manjula Guruge, Fahad Al Hashmi, Amjad Ali, Muhammad Naveed, Amjad Javed, Nasir Aziz.