Ireland will be keen to upset another big side after pulling off shock victories © Getty Images
Ireland lose by 201 runs © Getty Images

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(Can South Africa pull off their third win and keep quarter-final hopes moving forward, or will Ireland make it three in a row? Catch live cricket scores here)

Winning captain, AB de Villiers says, “Good game today. Very happy with the performance. The nice thing was we did it our way. We are not following any other strategy, we are doing it our way. We want to keep on scoring centuries. It helps set us up for the last few overs. Incredible. Hash. he will always be the rock for us. Effortlessly plays with a lot of class. Whatever you do he always has the answer. Very impressed with the bowlers. They were very motivated. Combination will depend on match-by-match basis. You always want your top six, top seven in form. Six, seven, eight win you a lot of games. We will see how we go [on the bowling]. I enjoyed it, yes [being called one bouncer for the bouncer]. It was my slower bouncer, actually.”

Losing captain William Porterfield says, “It was difficult. We got one early breakthrough, we wanted a couple more, but it didn’t happen. That’s part of cricket as well and you have to move on from that. It was a very good pitch and it was difficult to dislodge those wickets. We tried slowing it down but we wanted more at the beginning. They bowled really well, but all credit to the lower order for fighting it out. Every game is a big game, the game against Zimbabwe will be big.”

Hashim Amla is the man of the match for his 159. Amla says, “Fortunately, we got off to a good start. Myself and Faf just got something going and then we started playing a few shots. We had wickets in hand, so we kind of had luxury to do that. We just thought that let’s have a go and see what happens and thankfully it came off. And we have got a good batting line-up to come, they weren’t really needed today, but that’s why it gave us time to do it at the top. The guys have been batting well, it was a good wicket and fortunately, we got some runs today. We don’t look too far ahead, it is aways good to get over the line. Any hundred is a hundred, I just like to get some runs. I am just happy that I am getting for the boys at the back end. The guys bowled exceptionally well, the bowlers maintained the full intensity on the field and it was a comprehensive win.”

This is the second time in history that a side by won by 200-run on consecutive matches. Read the match report between Ireland vs South Africa ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 at Manuka Oval.

Live Score Ireland: 210 | Overs 45

BATTING: Andy McBrine 2(4)

Dot ball and then SMACKED! George Dockrell moves on his leg side and smacks Morne Morkel for four! Wide! Low ball and Dockrell misses it. One more but good save from third man Dale Steyn. Dockrell gets two more runs. BOWLED! And that is over for Ireland. Ireland lose by 201 runs. Third wicket for Morne Morkel.

OUT! George Dockrell b Morne Morkel 23(53)

Live Score Ireland: 203/9 | Overs 44

BATTING: George Dockrell 19(51), Andy McBrine 2(4)

Kyle Abbott continues. Andy McBrine is the last batsman for Ireland. Ireland need 211 runs. Runs for McBrine. Two runs. And umbrella field for McBrine. Five fielders for the last batsman.

Live Score Ireland: 200/9 | Overs 43

BATTING: George Dockrell 18(49)

Good hitting later in the day for those who are left in the crowd. Good crowd at Manuka Oval. Lots of Irish supporters. They won’t be that disappointed. They have been fighting hard. Morne Morkel continues. AB de Villiers is having a little chat with Morkel. 200 comes up for Ireland. Some enthusiastic applauding from the crowd. A good fightback by the European team. And out! Short ball and hits Sorensen’s hand and Quinton de Kock takes the catch.

OUT! Max Sorensen c Quinton de Kock b Morne Morkel 22(19)

Live Score Ireland: 197/8 | Overs 42

BATTING: George Dockrell 17(43), Max Sorensen 22(18)

Imran Tahir continues. George Dockrell and Max Sorensen trying their best. Sorensen smacks one back straight and Dockrell manages to duck just in time to avoid. Four runs. Followed by SIX! Wonderful hitting by six. Tahir’s 10 overs is complete. He goes wicketless.

Live Score Ireland: 186/8 | Overs 41

BATTING: George Dockrell 15(41), Max Sorensen 11(15)

Morne Morkel back in action. Ireland need 228 runs to win with two wickets in hand. South Africa look in driver’s seat and much better positioned. Wide ball. Big cheer from the crowd. No matter how much pressure is there on Ireland team, the crowd is well behind them. Another run out opportunity but AB de Villiers misses it. He normal is bang on target. He could have been out by a huge distance. Short ball and well defended by Max Sorensen. Another short ball. Hits Sorensen on the ribs as he tries to defend. Dot ball to end the over.

Live Score Ireland: 184/8 | Overs 40

BATTING: George Dockrell 14(38), Max Sorensen 11(11)

Two fours and eight runs from Imran Tahir. Max Sorensen laoks to have broken free. Good over  for Ireland.

Live Score Ireland: 176/8 | Overs 39

BATTING: George Dockrell 14(38), Max Sorensen 3(6)

DROPPED! George Dockrell dropped by David Miller. Two runs. Dale Steyn not happy. Good save by AB de Villiers. Reaches on time and the balls does not make contact with the wicket. One delivery hits Sorensen’s hand and goes up. That might have hurt. He is okay. Single and rotates the strike to Dockrell. Dot ball to end the over.

Live Score Ireland: 170/8 | Overs 38

BATTING: George Dockrell 11(34), Max Sorensen 2(4)

Kyle Abbott continues. Three dot balls and one single. Two runs from the last ball. Abbott’s good spell continues.

Live Score Ireland: 169/8 | Overs 37

BATTING: George Dockrell 10(30), Max Sorensen 0(2)

Dale Steyn back into the attack. Two for 34 for him. Good ball from Steyn. Straight ball and defended by Dockrell. Short ball on the offside. Single run from the penultimate over. Good over for Steyn. Only one run.

Live Score Ireland: 168/8 | Overs 36

BATTING: George Dockrell 9(25), Max Sorensen 0(1)

Kyle Abbott is back to bowl and starts with a wide. AB de Villiers passes few information to the bowler. OUT! Kevin O’Brien goes for a big hit and Rilee Rossouw takes the catch at deep midwicket. This is Abbott’s fourth wicket in the match! O’Briend goes for 48. Two runs short of his half-century. Best figures for Kyle Abbott. Dot balls continue. Good start by Abbott. One run off the penultimate over and Max Sorensen on the strike. Dot ball to end the over.

OUT! Kevin O’Brien c Rilee Rossouw b Kyle Abbott 48(64)

Live Score Ireland: 166/7 | Overs 35

BATTING: Kevin O’Brien 48(64), George Dockrell 8(20)

Dale Steyn is back. He has taken two wickets till now. He will be bowling his sixth over. Fullish delivery to start and two runs from Kevin O’Brien, followed by a single. Dockrell faces Steyn. Dot balls. No runs from Dockrell.

Live Score Ireland: 163/7 | Overs 34

BATTING: Kevin O’Brien 45(62), George Dockrell 8(17)

SIX! George Dockrell slams Imran Tahir for six over mid-off. Well bowled by Imran Tahir apart from the six.

Live Score Ireland: 157/7 | Overs 33

BATTING: Kevin O’Brien 45(62), George Dockrell 2(11)

AB de Villeirs continues. One run and Dockrell on strike. He has been stuck on one for a long time. Short ball from warning from umpire.

Live Score Ireland: 155/7 | Overs 32

BATTING: Kevin O’Brien 44(60), George Dockrell 1(7)

George Dockrell faces Imran Tahir. Dot balls. Maiden over from Tahir. No runs. Pressure building on Ireland.

Live Score Ireland: 155/7 | Overs 31

BATTING: Kevin O’Brien 44(60), George Dockrell 1(1)

He can keep, he can bat and now he comes to bowl. He is AB de Villiers. Big cheer from the crowd. Played On! De Villiers takes a wicket of John Mooney! What a player! This is De Villiers’ fourth ODI wicket. George Dockrell is the next batsman. He gets off the mark. Kevin O’Brien to face De Villiers now. What will happen? Shot! FOUR! O’Brein punches De Villiers for four towards deep square leg. Dot ball next one. Light appeal from Quinton de Kock. Next ball on the leg side and De Kock removes the bails. Goes upstairs. Is that the second wicket? No! O’Brien is safe! Good over from AB de Villiers! READ: AB de Villiers takes his fourth ODI wicket!

OUT! John Mooney b AB de Villiers 8(15)

Live Score Ireland: 150/6 | Overs 30

BATTING: Kevin O’Brien 40(57), John Mooney 8(13)

Single to start the over. John Mooney to face Imran Tahir. Charges towards Tahir and punches to the leg side. Only one run. Another single. Good running between the wickets by Kevin O’Brien and John Mooney. 150 comes up for Ireland. Two dot balls to end the over.

Live Score Ireland: 146/6 | Overs 29

BATTING: Kevin O’Brien 38(53), John Mooney 6(11)

Ireland need 275 runs from 22 overs. Faf du Plessis continue and bowls a full toss. Kevin O’Brien smashes it to deep extra cover and FOUR! Next ball he tosses straight and two more runs. More runs. Single. John Mooney on strike. Three more balls left. Fielding changed little bit. Mooney misses the first, googly. Hits the next on leg side and two runs. Dot ball to end the over.

Live Score Ireland: 137/6 | Overs 28

BATTING: Kevin O’Brien 31(50), John Mooney 4(8)

Imran Tahir back in action. No runs from the first four balls and then John Mooney scoops it for take two runs.

Live Score Ireland: 135/6 | Overs 27

BATTING: Kevin O’Brien 31(50), John Mooney 2(2)

Faf du Plessis continues. John Mooney is off the mark. Kevin O’Brien tosses on straight and two runs. Mooney scoops and and one run. Dot ball from the over.

Live Score Ireland: 130/6 | Overs 26

BATTING: Kevin O’Brien 28(46), John Mooney 0(0)

Morkel continues. This is his sixth over. FOUR! Hashim Amla is unable to reach the boundary on time and another four for Balbarnie. OUT! Rilee Rossouw take the catch of Andrew Balbarnie. Morne Morkel picks up the wicket. A good innings comes to an end. He scores 58, which is his highest score in ODIs.Morkel bowls a short ball and it is called wide. The ball hits the pads, but may have been height. READ: Andrew Balbarnie dismissed for 58.

OUT! Andrew Balbarnie c Rilee Rossouw b Morne Morkel 58(71)

Live Score Ireland: 124/5 | Overs 25

BATTING: Andy Balbirnie 54(69), Kevin O’Brien 27(42)

Faf du Plessis continues. Two singles and Kevin O’Brien then smashes one over long on! SIX! AB de Villiers is at the boundary lines and could not reach in time to collect. Eight runs so far. Single and rotates the strike to Andrew Balbarnie. Andrew/Andy, what should we call him? Balbarnie defends and 10 runs from the over.

Live Score Ireland: 115/5 | Overs 24

BATTING: Andy Balbirnie 53(67), Kevin O’Brien 19(38)

Morne Morkel returns to bowl. Three dot balls. Edge and four by Andy Balbarnie. Fifty for Andrew Balbarnie. What an innings! Standing from the front, leading the Ireland chase.

Live Score Ireland: 107/5 | Overs 23

BATTING: Andy Balbirnie 45(61), Kevin O’Brien 19(37)

100 comes up for Ireland. Four and wide to start the over. Faf du Plessis is the bowler.  Leg bye Eight runs from the over till now. Good over for Ireland.

Live Score Ireland: 98/5 | Overs 22

BATTING: Andy Balbirnie 42(57), Kevin O’Brien 19(36)

Rossouw continues. Single runs being taken right now. This is not going to help Ireland. 50 partnership comes up for the Irish batsmen.

Live Score Ireland: 91/5 | Overs 21

BATTING: Andy Balbirnie 38(54), Kevin O’Brien 16(33)

Imran Tahir continues. Two dot balls followed by one single and a leg bye. Kevin O’Brien seem to have freed his arms. Single to end the over.

Live Score Ireland: 87/5 | Overs 20

BATTING: Andy Balbirnie 36(50), Kevin O’Brien 15(31)

Rilee Rossouw to the take. Five runs from the over. Good running between Kevin O’Brien and Andrew Balbirnie.

Live Score Ireland: 82/5 | Overs 19

BATTING: Andy Balbirnie 34(48), Kevin O’Brien 12(27)

Imran Tahir returns. Only one run.

Live Score Ireland: 81/5 | Overs 18

BATTING: Andy Balbirnie 33(43), Kevin O’Brien 12(26)

Ireland batsmen Kevin O’Brien and Andy Balbirnie are making progress here. Nine runs from the over.

Live Score Ireland: 72/5 | Overs 17

BATTING: Andy Balbirnie 29(40), Kevin O’Brien 7(23)

Imran Tahir to Andy Balbirnie and he sweeps it for four! Single and rotates the strike to Kevin O’Brien. The partnership is now 24 runs from 40 balls.

Live Score Ireland: 65/5 | Overs 16

BATTING: Andy Balbirnie 24(38), Kevin O’Brien5(19)

Farhaan Behardien is the next bowler. A missed catch chance by Behardien. Kevin O’Brien and Andy Balbirnie are trying to build a partnership here. Three runs till now. It will be the drinks break now!

Live Score Ireland: 61/5 | Overs 15

BATTING: Andy Balbirnie 22(34), Kevin O’Brien 3(17)

The Irish batsmen have been rattled by the South African bowlers till now. Imran Tahir has been introduced into the attack. Four runs for Balbirnie.

Live Score Ireland: 54/5 | Overs 14

BATTING: Andy Balbirnie 17(31), Kevin O’Brien 2(14)

Dot ball to start off. Then Kevin O’Brien takes a single and rotates the strike to Balbirnie. Only one run in the over. South African bowlers have restricted Irish batsmen till now.

Live Score Ireland: 52/5 | Overs 13

BATTING: Andy Balbirnie 17(27), Kevin O’Brien 1(12)

Dale Steyn returns. Andy Balbirnie takes a single and rotates the strike to Kevin O’Brien. O’Brien struggling. Two short balls from Steyn. One short and wide on leg. Good collect from Quinton de Kock. Oh! Kevin gets off mark but with a chance of run out.

Live Score Ireland: 51/5 | Overs 12

BATTING: Andy Balbirnie 16(26), Kevin O’Brien 0(7)

Morne Morkel continues from the other end. Only three runs from the over. Kevin O’Brien yet to get off the mark. Ireland need 361 runs with five wicket in hand.

Live Score Ireland: 48/5 | Overs 11

BATTING: Andy Balbirnie 13(23), Kevin O’Brien 0(4)

Ireland lose another wicket. Third wicket for Kyle Abbott in the innings. Caught leg before wicket. Gary Wilson is having a discussion with Andy Balbirine about the height but he goes. Does not take review. Funny incident in the middle. Andy Balbirine drops the bat and Kevin O’Brien defends the ball at the end and then looks at Balbirnie.

OUT! Gary Wilson lbw Kyle Abbott 0(3)

Live Score Ireland: 47/4 | Overs 10

BATTING: Andy Balbirnie 12(22), Gary Wilson 0(2)

Morne Morkel continues. Andy Balbirine smashes Morkel for four! Short and smashes towards cow corner. Single to end the over and that’s the end of powerplay.

Live Score Ireland: 42/4 | Overs 9

BATTING: Andy Balbirnie 7(16), Gary Wilson 0(2)

Kyle Abbott returns. FOUR! Niall O’Brien continues to score from the other end. OUT! Niall O’Brien goes after looking good. Hashim Amla takes a good catch. Quinton de Kock tries to catch but goes in between and lands on Amla. Gary Wilson is the new batsman in.

OUT! Niall O’Brien c Hashim Amla b Kyle Abbott 14 (9)

Live Score Ireland: 37/3 | Overs 8

BATTING: Niall O’Brein 10(7), Andy Balbirnie 6(14)

Morne Morkel comes into the attack. Five dot balls and then tosses one on the leg side. Only one run this over.

Live Score Ireland: 36/3 | Overs 7

BATTING: Niall O’Brein 10(7), Andy Balbirnie 5(8)

Dale Steyn continues. He has two wickets under his name already. Ireland batsmen trying to hit the balls towards the boundaries, but unable till now. Niall O’Brien tries one towards deep square leg but is chased down. He follows it by a four towards cover. Eight runs from the over already with two balls to go. Short ball and O’Brien punches it towards deep backward square leg. Another short ball. O’Brien leaves it. Read: Ireland lose quick wickets.

Live Score Ireland: 26/3 | Overs 6

BATTING: Niall O’Brein 1(2), Andy Balbirnie 4(7)

Kyle Abbott continues. Dot ball and then a fuller delivery and one run. More dot balls. Current run rate 4.28 and required run rate is 8.70. Lovely deliveries from Abbott. Only one run from the over.

Live Score Ireland: 25/3 | Overs 5

BATTING: Niall O’Brein 0(0), Andy Balbirnie 4(3)

Another wicket falls! Andy Balbirnie is the new batsman. South Africa are on the driver’s seat. Four runs off the penultimate ball.

OUT! Ed Joyce c Hashim Amla b Dale Steyn 0(3)

Live Score Ireland: 21/2 | Overs 4

BATTING: Ed Joyce 0 (1), Niall O’Brein 0(0)

Kyle Abbott continues proceedings as the first two balls are dots while the third ball is smashed for four by Porterfield through the covers. Fourth and fifth ball end in a dot, while the final delivery is played on t the mid-on and is taken by Imran Tahir. Porterfield departs for mere 12 and Ireland are two down.

OUT! William Porterfield c Faf du Plessis b Kyle Abbott 0(4)

Live Score Ireland 17/1 | Overs 3

BATTING: Paul Sterling 0 (1), William Porterfield 8 (11)

Ireland off to a slow start so far as it’s the third over running now and Sterling starts off with two consecutive boundaries on the off side off Dale Steyn. The third ball is played on the same region, but this time, it’s fielded. Fourth ball on to the leg side and it’s just a single. The fifth delivery is a good one off Steyn as they appeal for a caught-behind, but no response from the umpire. DRS is taken and SNICKO shows a big knick. The decision is reversed as Ireland lose their opening wicket in the form of Sterling who departs for just nine.

Live Score South Africa 411/4 | Overs 50 | Read the South Africa innings report here

BATTING: David Miller 46(23), Rilee Rossouw 61(30)

Ireland losing the plot here. SIX! From David Miller to start the over. Another SIX! From Rilee Rossouw. Kevin O’Brien being punished! FOUR! 400 up for South Africa. This is South Africa’s consecutive 400 in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Second Highest Team Score by South Africa in World Cup History and Highest in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Partnership between the two is unbeaten 110 runs from 53 balls.

Live Score South Africa 387/4 | Overs 49

BATTING: David Miller 33(20), Rilee Rossouw 50(27)

Fabulous cricket by David Miller, Rilee Rossouw. Four! Deep extra cover. Gary Wilson unable to collect a ball and bye called. Single taken by Miller. Rossouw on strike. Dot ball. Sorensen holding his nerve. No ball signalled by umpire as Sorensen bowls a full toss. Rossouw punishes him by punching it for four. Fifty for Rilee Rossouw. His second fifty in World Cup.

Live Score South Africa 371/4 | Overs 48

BATTING: David Miller 25(16), Rilee Rossouw 44(23)

Rilee Rossouw goes for SIX! Another four! Reverse sweep and saved. Andy McBrine good over spoiled by Rossouw.

Live Score South Africa 359/4 | Overs 47

BATTING: David Miller 24(15), Rilee Rossouw 34(19)

Max Sorensen returns. He has been one of the costliest bowlers till now. SIX! Rilee Rossouw smashes a six over cow corner. Nine sixes by South Africa till now. Good bowling Sorensen.

Live Score South Africa 350/4 | Overs 46

BATTING: David Miller 22(13), Rilee Rossouw 26(15)

Five overs left. Six wickets in hand. Is 400 on? OUT! Signalled by Steve Davis. But David Miller instantly goes upstairs for review.  He is so sure he hit the bat. Let’s what the reviews show. Oh! Thick inside edge. Good self-belief. Good over from Paul Sterling till now.  Chances of run out, but Miller saved. Two single runs to end the over.

Live Score South Africa 347/4 | Overs 45

BATTING: David Miller 21(9), Rilee Rossouw 24(13)

South Africa making runs by taking singles and twos. FOUR! Not perfectly timed but reaches the deep backward square leg easily as there is no fielder. Oh! Good chance of run out had it been a direct hit. Rossouw moves ahead and hits, Kevin O’Brien collects and throws back at the stumps but misses. Rossouw returns the favour by smashing the next ball  for four. Low full toss by O’Brien.

Live Score South Africa 336/4 | Overs 44

BATTING: David Miller 20(8), Rilee Rossouw 14(8)

Paul Sterling into the attack. Four runs! Single and rotates the strike to David Miller. Another single from Miller. Miller wants three and gets back comfortably in the end. Two balls left for the over. If the two batsmen keep scoring 10 an over, South Africa will reach 400 easily. Another three runs. Good running between Miller and Rossouw. Single from the last ball.

Live Score South Africa 323/4 | Overs 43

BATTING: David Miller 16(6), Rilee Rossouw 5(4)

John Mooney back into the attack. Single to start the over. Miller back on strike. Full toss, Miller punches straight and two runs. Couple of more runs. One more run. Two more runs. Smart over. Good running between the wickets by Miller and Rossouw. No-ball called! Free Hit! John Mooney disgusted! Hides his face inside t-shirt. HUGE SIX! Miller punishes Mooney!

Live Score South Africa 307/4 | Overs 42

BATTING: David Miller 5(2), Rilee Rossouw 1(1)

Andy McBrine is back. OUT! Hashim Amla goes for 159. Finally Ed Joyce takes the catch. McBrine is on the money. David Miller joins AB de Villiers. Has a strike-rate of 98.4! He is called the ‘Killer Miller’. Can he stand upto his nickname? AB de Villiers is the man of strike. Two runs and 300 comes up for South Africa. OUT! Goes the big man! AB de Villiers tries a switch hit and is caught by Niall O’Brien. McBrine is spot on money. Two wickets! Rilee Rossouw in at No. 6 for South Africa. Miller takes a single and rotates the strike to Rossouw. Another single. This is the fastest 300 in World Cup history by any team. Boundary to end the over.

OUT! Hashim Amla c Ed Joyce b Andy McBrine 159(128)

OUT! AB de Villiers c Niall O’Brien b Andy McBrine 24(9)

Live Score South Africa 299/2 | Overs 41

BATTING: Hashim Amla 159(127), AB de Villiers 22(7)

Hashim Amla on strike and 150 for the South African opener. Second 150 for Amla. Second 150 from Amla in calender year. He also overtakes his previous highest ODI score. FOUR! Amla is on fire. Short ball outside off. Single and rotates the strike to AB de Villiers. SIX! Whatever touches De Villiers bat, goes over the boundary! Another 100? Good ball from Kevin O’Brien and two runs to fine leg.

Live Score South Africa 280/2 | Overs 40

BATTING: Hashim Amla 148(123), AB de Villiers 14(5)

FOUR! AB de Villiers into the action! Here goes! The danger man on strike. Oh! Second ball almost stopped by the fielder at deep square leg but goes for SIX! Two runs for De Villiers. Single and rotates the strike to Hashim Amla. Full toss and Amla punishes Dockrell. FOUR to mid-on. Amla right now! Single to end the over.

Live Score South Africa 262/2 | Overs 39

BATTING: Hashim Amla 143(121), AB de Villiers 1(1)

Kevin O’Brien returns. Faf du Plessis tries to scoop but misses. Gary Wilson collects the ball. And again scoops and saved by George Dockrell. Three runs. Single and rotates the strike to Du Plessis. BOWLED! Kevin O’Brien removes Faf du Plessis! Right on the block hole! Full and straight. AB de Villiers on strike and right off the mark.

OUT! Faf du Plessis b Kevin O’Brien 109(109)

Live Score South Africa 255/1 | Overs 38

BATTING: Hashim Amla 140(119), Faf du Plessis 106(106)

John Mooney is back into the attack. More fielding changes by William Porterfield. Hashim Amla tries to smash one, but Gary Wilson picks it up. Amla tosses up the other delivery. Two runs. FOUR! Deep backward square leg. More runs for Amla. High full toss, no ball signalled and the ball is cut by Amla for four. Hammered another to the leg side. Flat and hard. SIX! Amla is on fire. One four and six already from the over. Now towards the offside. Second four of the over. SIX! Over extra cover! 26 runs from the over. Expensive over from John Mooney.

Live Score South Africa 228/1 | Overs 37

BATTING: Hashim Amla 114(112), Faf du Plessis 106(106)

Kevin O’Brien replaces Paul Sterling. Can he break this partnership? A lot of fielding changes by O’Brien. Hashim Amla on strike. Two runs to start the over. O’Brien has bowled only two overs till now. FOUR over backward point by Amla. This is the record second wicket partnership for South Africa in ODIs. Nine runs from the over till now. In the past few games, O’Brien has been punished in the batting powerplay. Four to end the over. It is time for drinks!

Live Score South Africa 215/1 | Overs 36

BATTING: Hashim Amla 107(109), Faf du Plessis 100(103)

Ireland under severe pressure. Batting powerplay taken by South Africa. Maximum three fielders outside the 30-yard circle. 200 runs partnership comes up for Faf du Plessis and Hashim Amla. Good save by Niall O’Brien at midwicket. Finally, 100 for Faf du Plessis. Fourth ODI century for du Plessis. READ: Faf du Plessis completes 4th ODI century.

Live Score South Africa 211/1 | Overs 35

BATTING: Hashim Amla 105(107), Faf du Plessis 98(98)

Faf du Plessis on strike. Paul Sterling is bowling. This is his eighth over. Single to start the over. Brings Hashim Amla on strike. He has the highest score by an individual by a South African batsman against Ireland now. Single and rotates the strike to Faf du Plessis. Good save and then a misfield by Gary Wilson as he tried a run out. Single taken comfortably by the two.  Single to end the over.

Live Score South Africa 206/1 | Overs 34

BATTING: Hashim Amla 103(105), Faf du Plessis 95(95)

Four runs off the over. Two dot balls. Faf du Plessis five runs away from his ODI century.

Live Score South Africa 202/1 | Overs 33

BATTING: Hashim Amla 101(101), Faf du Plessis 93(93)

Hashim Amla completes his 20th century. Quickest to 20 ODI hundreds. Faster than Virat Kohli. Ed Joyce will regret that drop catch. Four to end the over by Faf du Plessis. READ: Hashim Amla gets his 20th ODI century.

Live Score South Africa 194/1 | Overs 32

BATTING: Hashim Amla 99(99), Faf du Plessis 87(89)

Catch is the cry as Hashim Amla drives one uppishly off the front foot, but it went wide at cover. Four runs from the over.

Live Score South Africa 190/1 | Overs 31

BATTING: Hashim Amla 97(95), Faf du Plessis 85(87)

This pair has created second wicket partnership record for South Africa in World Cup matches now. The partnership between the two are at 178 from 28.3 overs. FOUR! Faf du Plessis end the over on high!

Live Score South Africa 181/1 | Overs 30

BATTING: Hashim Amla 94(92), Faf du Plessis 79(84)

Hashim Amla is inching closer to his century.  Dot ball to start the over. Andy McBrine returns. Single towards cow corner. Good running between the wickets by Amla and De Plessis. Five from the over.

Live Score South Africa 176/1 | Overs 29

BATTING: Hashim Amla 90(87), Faf du Plessis 77(82)

Paul Sterling comes in for Andy McBrine. Two super save by Kevin O’Brien by cover. Hashim Amla changes his shot, and takes a single. Faf du Plessis on strike. One to end the over.

Live Score South Africa 172/1 | Overs 28

BATTING: Hashim Amla 89(84), Faf du Plessis 75(80)

George Dockrell to continue. Faf du Plessis tosses one to deep extra cover. Two runs.  Single and dot ball to end the over.

Live Score South Africa 169/1 | Overs 27

BATTING: Hashim Amla 89(83), Faf du Plessis 72(75)

Dot ball, followed by single. Hashim Amla rotates the strike to Faf du Plessis. Du Plessis scoops and two runs. Good work by the spinners for Ireland.

Live Score South Africa 163/1 | Overs 26

BATTING: Hashim Amla 87(80), Faf du Plessis 68(72)

George Dockrell replaces Max Sorensen. He has done a pretty good job so far. Faf du Plessis, Hashim Amla complete 150 runs partnership. Only three runs from the over.

Live Score South Africa 160/1 | Overs 26

BATTING: Hashim Amla 85(78), Faf du Plessis 67(68)

Four to start the over. This time it is Faf du Plessis. William Porterfield desparately needs a wicket now. Faf du Plessis sweeps it to deep backward square leg. Single to end the over.

Live Score South Africa 152/1 | Overs 25

BATTING: Hashim Amla 83(75), Faf du Plessis 61(65)

SIX! What a massive shot by Hashim Amla. Smashes it to long on. Finally he breaks free. He is changing gears now. Another one! Over deep extra cover! Max Sorensen is being punished for poor bowling. Another one to the fence. Short and wide and Amla cuts it to point. SIX! This time from Faf du Plessis. Massive six to long-on. 24 runs from the over.

Live Score South Africa 128/1 | Overs 24

BATTING: Hashim Amla 66(71), Faf du Plessis 54(62)

Hashim Amla and Faf du Plessis are tossing up everything that is coming towards them. Unable to cross it over the boundary. Partnership between the two have reached 115 runs. Andy McBrine is bowling his fourth over. Four runs from the over.

Live Score South Africa 124/1 | Overs 22

BATTING: Hashim Amla 64(69), Faf du Plessis 52(59)

Max Sorensen returns. He bowled only two overs. Dot balls to start off. Four!  Blasted! Fuller delivery and smashed to long off. A single and rotates the strike to Faf du Plessis. Read about Faf du Plessis and Hashim Amla’s half-century.

Live Score South Africa 118/1 | Overs 21

BATTING: Hashim Amla 58(63), Faf du Plessis 51(58)

Andy McBrine continues. Dot ball to start with, followed by a single as the ball runs to deep square leg. Good running between the wickets by the South African batsmen. Few dot balls continue. Single to end the over for 118.

Live Score South Africa 115/1 | Overs 20

BATTING: Hashim Amla 56(58), Faf du Plessis 50(57)

Faf du Plessis completes his half-century. William Porterfield is rotating his spinner.s Ireland need to break this partnership.  The partnership is now 103 runs off 109 balls.

Live Score South Africa 104/1 | Overs 19

BATTING: Hashim Amla 55(57), Faf du Plessis 44(53)

Faf du Plessis is playing with an open face. He is in charge right now. Andy McBrine has been good on the money till now. Only two runs.

Live Score South Africa 102/1 | Overs 18

BATTING: Hashim Amla 54(56), Faf du Plessis 40(48)

Six runs off the over. One four from Du Plessis, as he nears his ODI half-century.

Live Score South Africa 96/1 | Overs 17

BATTING: Hashim Amla 53(54), Faf du Plessis 35(44)

Off-spinner, Andy McBrne comes in as he bowls first ball to amla for a duck, while the next ball is a bit short, played towards covers for three by Amla as he brings up his fifty. It is followed by another duck, while the fourth ball is gently played on the square-leg region for a single. Fifth ball with an edge, but towards covers by du Plesis for three while the final delivery is played towards mid-off for a single as the over ends.

Live Score South Africa 87/1 | Overs 16

BATTING: Hashim Amla 48(50), Faf du Plessis 31(42)

One run to long on to start for and then Faf du Plessis smashes a four to deep midwicket. Follows it up with a single to backward square leg. Strike rotation between the two. 75 runs partnership between the two and it will be drinks break. Fourth umpire Aleem Darr on the field.

Live Score South Africa 80/1 | Overs 15

BATTING: Hashim Amla 46(47), Faf du Plessis 26(39)

Lovely strike from Hashim Amla, as he smashes the second ball of the over towards backward point.He is going deep today and quite surgical. Ed Joyce will be cursing himself for that drop catch.

Live Score South Africa 73/1 | Overs 14

BATTING: Hashim Amla 40(43), Faf du Plessis 25(37)

Two runs to start with. The ball hits George Dockrell’s shows and goes straight. Dot ball follows and single. Good save by William Porterfield. Just three from the over. Ireland are holding the fort currently.

Live Score South Africa 70/1 | Overs 13

BATTING: Hashim Amla 37(40), Faf du Plessis 25(34)

Ireland have won 43 ODIs till now, which is the most by any associate nation. Read: South Africa make slow start post Quinton de Kock’s wicket. Four  runs of the over.

Live Score South Africa 66/1 | Overs 12

BATTING: Hashim Amla 34(37), Faf du Plessis 24(31)

George Dockrell continues. South Africa scoring in singles. Twelve overs gone. South Africa are on 66 for the loss of one wicket.

Live Score South Africa 64/1 | Overs 11

BATTING: Hashim Amla 33(32), Faf du Plessis 23(30)

Paul Sterling replaces Kevin O’Brien. Dot ball to start and a single by Hashim Amla. Good running between the wickets by Faf du Plessis and Hashim Amla. Oh! Missed chance of catch. Kevin O’Brien misses Faf du Plessis’s ball at slip. The ball sneaks in between slip and wicketkeeper. The ball runs for four. 52 runs partnership off 55 balls from the duo.

Live Score South Africa 57/1 | Overs 10

BATTING: Hashim Amla 31(29), Faf du Plessis 18(27)

George Dockrell is introduced into the attack. Left-arm spinner. Slip in place for Dockrell. Short ball and Faf du Plessis uses the feet to smash it towards point. Four runs. Five runs from the over till now, with two more balls to go. Hashim Amla to face Dockrell now. Amla takes a single and rotates the strike to Du Plessis. Dot ball to end the over. End of powerplay.

Live Score South Africa 51/1 | Overs 9

BATTING: Hashim Amla 30(28), Faf du Plessis 13(22)

John Mooney to bowl his fifth over. Faf du Plessis flicks the ball to square and calls for two runs. Fifty comes up for South Africa. Dot balls to continue. Fuller delivery and Faf du Plessis tries to smash it to cover but is stopped by Kevin O’Brien at silly mid-off. No runs. A single to end the over.

Live Score South Africa 48/1 | Overs 8

BATTING: Hashim Amla 30(28), Faf du Plessis 10(16)

Good start by Hashim Amla as punches the ball to mid-on and four more for him. Two singles and a dot ball. Kevin O’Brien is holding up. Four more for Amla, as he smashes the ball towards the right of cover. Wider outside off opens the face of the bat at the last moment as the ball races away to the fence. Dot ball to end the over.

Live Score South Africa 38/1 | Overs 7

BATTING: Hashim Amla 21(23), Faf du Plessis 9(15)

John Mooney is holding on from the other end. Two dot balls to start with. Only one run off the over till now. Good show by Mooney here. Wide ball and the bowler is not happy. Faf du Plessis moves towards the off as Mooney comes to ball and the bowler bowls a wide. He gives a stare. Excellent finish from Mooney. Read: Quinton de Kock’s poor form continues

Live Score South Africa 36/1 | Overs 6

BATTING: Hashim Amla 20(20), Faf du Plessis 9(12)

Kevin O’Brien replaces Max Sorensen and Hashim Amla is DROPPED! Ed Joyce drops it at short midwicket. Might cost Ireland. Amla returns to return the favour with two fours. Thickish outside edge to third man, just one run to end the over. Ed Joyce might be regretting the drop catch already.

Live Score South Africa 25/1 | Overs 5

BATTING: Hashim Amla 10(15), Faf du Plessis 8(11)

John Mooney continues. Good save from Max Sorensen and Goerge Dockrell backing up. Good fielding in the deep by the Ireland cricketers. Good swing bowling by Mooney. The third ball pitches away slightly from Faf du Plessis bat. Fourth ball goes for a single. Medium pace by Mooney at Manuka Oval. Dot ball. A single to end the over

Live Score South Africa 21/1 | Overs 4

BATTING: Hashim Amla 9(13), Faf du Plessis 5(7)

Another wide to start with for Max Sorensen. He is struggling to get his line right. Hashim Amla is going after him. One run. Another wide for Sorensen. Five wides for Sorensen, but follows it up with a better delivery. Faf du Plessis yet to get off the mark. Ouch! Wide number six for Sorensen. It is hurting Ireland now. Michael Atherton asserts that Max Sorensen not sure of the seam. Du Plessis takes advantage and smashes the next ball for a boundary to extra cover. He takes a single and rotates the strike to Amla.

Live Score South Africa 12/1 | Overs 3

BATTING: Hashim Amla 8(11), Faf du Plessis 0(3)

John Mooney continues. Quinton de Kock facing Mooney. Dot balls. Big appeal from Ireland. Seems like an edge. They decide to go upstairs. This could be the ideal start for Ireland. De Kock has not have a good start till now. Review shows big edge from De Kock. Mooney picks up his first wicket. Quinton de Kock’s poor ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 continues. Played just four balls and caught behind by Gary Wilson off John Mooney. Good review by Ireland skipper William Porterfield. Faf du Plessis joins Hashim Amla. Good start for Mooney. Maiden over to start with and then picking up a wicket in his second over. Wicket maiden and yet another maiden for John Mooney.

OUT! Quinton de Kock c Gary Wilson b John Mooney 1(4)

Live Score South Africa 12/0 | Overs 2

BATTING: Hashim Amla 8(11), Quinton de Kock 1(1)

Max Sorensen starts with a wide and a ball of the leg side, as Quinton de Kock nicks it towards the leg side. Just one run for him. Another wide for Sorensen. Not the best start for the Irish pacer. Hashim Amla not taking risks. Leaving the balls. Finally hits one towards the mid-on. Four runs for Amla. Dot ball. Good comeback. another wide ball. Three wide balls. Amla smashes another one towards to square but the ball runs towards the boundary. Two fours.

Live Score South Africa 0/0 | Over 1

BATTING: Hashim Amla 0(6), Quinton de Kock 0(0)

John Mooney to start the proceedings for Ireland. Out comes Quinton de Kock and Hashim Amla, the two opening batsmen for South Africa. Two slips for Hashim Amla. Very orthodox fielding setup to start with. Dot balls to start with. Amla defending the deliveries on his front foot. Irish fielding have been a feature of their game-play. Good save by John Mooney to end the over. Maiden over.

TOSS: South Africa win toss and skipper AB de Villiers elects to bat first against Ireland. Same squad for South Africa. One change for Ireland. Andy McBrine comes replaces Alex Cusack.


Ireland: William Porterfield (c), Paul Stirling, Ed Joyce, Niall O’Brien, Andrew Balbirnie, Gary Wilson (wk), Kevin O’Brien, John Mooney, Max Sorensen, George Dockrell, Andy McBrine

South Africa:  Hashim Amla, Quinton de Kock (wk), Faf du Plessis, Rilee Rossouw, AB de Villiers (c), David Miller, Farhaan Behardien, Dale Steyn, Kyle Abbott, Morne Morkel, Imran Tahir.

AB de Villiers says, “It was a nice feeling, it’s always nice to win games. We need to continue to do well. A couple are still struggling, but we are feeling mentally fresh. We will bat first, we will look to set up a good platform, a better understanding of the wicket. We had a good feel of the ground, we played Australia a couple of months ago, looks a good wicket. No changes. JP isn’t fully fit. We will look to play him in Auckland.”

William Porterfield says,Yeah, it’s obviously a nice feeling, we have played only two games. We would have also batted first, looks like a good track. Just one change for us, Andy McBrine comes in for Alex Cusack. Our ambition is to get into the quarter-final, this is a big game, they are a pretty big side with big names, we will look to put pressure on them”

Matthew Hayden inspects the pitch and says, “This is a really good batting wicket. The surface is very dry, there’s not much grass, and whatever little there is, it’s well rolled in. South Africa pacers will get some bounce and pace off the surface. For Ireland, the best hope is to take the pace off the ball.”

Stat Alert: Dale Steyn will be playing his 100th One-Day International (ODI). He will become the 19th South African to achieve this milestone. Read full report here.

Cloudy day at Canberra and it is expected to remain so for the entire match duration. Temperature at 24 degrees and there is a humidity of 52 percent. Players are likely to comfortable. Light wind blowing across the ground and it should assist the new ball bowlers.


Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 match 24 between South Africa and Ireland at the Manuka Oval in Canberra on Tuesday. I am Sudatta Mukherjee  and I will be bringing you the over-by-over updates of the match. Read Match Preview: South Africa vs Ireland

Ireland will be keen to upset another big side after pulling off shock victories against Pakistan in the ICC World Cup 2007 and chasing down a 300-plus total against England in the ICC World Cup 2011, after Kevin O’Brien‘s fastest-ever World Cup century. The Proteas will have the added pressure of facing the giant-killers and also battling their own tag of being “chokers.” ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: POINTS TABLE

South Africa, so far, have played three games, winning a couple and suffering a loss. Being termed as one of the favourites to win the World Cup title this year, The Proteas would like to take another step towards their goal by beating the minnows, Ireland at Canberra. However, South Africa can’t afford to make the mistake of taking the Irish so lightly as it is they who are the most famous team in the tournament to cause an upset. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: SCHEDULE & MATCH DETAILS

Ireland, on the other hand, have played just a couple of games and have won on both the occasions. A win here against the South Africans would certainly give them a major boost in their pursuit of progressing to the quarter-final and become the first minnow to feature in the knock-out stage of the tournament. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Complete Coverage

Catch live cricket scorecard and ball-by-ball commentary of Ireland vs South Africa ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 match here